Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Washington University in St Louis? Why?


There is a lack of socioeconomic diversity.


I would consider the worst thing at my school to be the amount of pressure that students deal with. Our classes are very hard and require an immense amount of work so it is definitely hard to manage everything. Although the classes are very interesting they are also very difficult so that is the worst thing about my school.


The food.


In my opion some of the food is overpriced, and the fruit is terrible.


It's expensive but they do offer a lot of scholarships.


Wash U lacks a lot of school spirit, especially associated with athletic events.


Coming from a family of an extremely low income, this school in the beginning was very intimidating for me and takes some time to get used to since many of the students who attend here come very successful families and can be standoffish initially.


There is no worst thing about Washington University in St. Louis. As someone looking to go into the medical field this is one of the best universities in the country. Sometimes it is a bit complecated to get the correct class, but that seems to be pretty normal on most college campuses these days.


Students that absolutely believe they know what they want to do with their lives is a both a good and an evil, in this case it can be the worst thing about the school. On one end, the masses of students that are on a Pre-Medicine track are encouraging. These students are focused and dedicated, they have drive and dreams that keep that striving to achieve in school. However, there is great value also in having variety and diversity in a university's population of career goals. It feels few that are not looking to be in medicine.


The worst thing would be financial stereotypes. There are a lot of rich people who come here because they can afford it and are smart enough to get in. In contrast, there are a lot of students on financial aid who do not have the luxury of coming from a rich family. This affects social life at Wash U. My friend group has essentially been shaped by socio-economic class becuase we can all afford the same type of restuarants and understand when a friend cannot go out 3 nights a week because they simply cannot afford it.