Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Wash U is a great place for someone who is friendly and open to trying new things. There is so much to get involved with that anyone could fit right in. Anyone who comes to Wash U will be surrounded by so many intelligent, kind, driven, and unique individuals who make the experience here so valuable. Students should be willing to work hard and ready to takle challenging coursework. Also, anyone who loves delicious food and fantastic dorms should attend since both are amazing and consistently ranked highly.


A student who is willing to accept defeat occasionally but is determined to learn above all else is the perfect fit for Washington University in St. Louis. The student should like to work together in a group whether it be in the dorm or in formal review sessions held by professors. WUSTL is all about learning and expanding one's knowledge. If one is interested in just getting a 4.0, Wash U is not the place for them. Wash U is looking for creative minds that will ask professors innovative questions. Just have the sincere passion to learn.


Anyone who is interested in focusing on academics at a top-notch school. Someone who wants to live in an atmosphere that works together to achieve, not against one another. Someone who wants their professors to know them personally. Someone who believes that they deserve the best education will find that at WashU.


Washington University requires a lot of energy and determination from its students. Students are either challenged by their classes or frustrated by the lack of challenge in them, which requires energy finding in alternative-learning methods. The ideal student is one who already knows their desired career path and has a decent background in their field of choice, but not so much that classes become tedious. Unfortunately, many students suffer from depression and anxiety-related illness, so students who come in with a strong support system at home and a good work-rest balance are at an advantage.


Washington University is a place for people who enjoy the company of others and forming close-knit relationships. Also, if you enjoy food, Wash U is awesome too since we have our own personal chefs. A person who is willing to work hard, but also likes to have fun and relax is the perfect peron for Wash U.


Any open-minded individual who is willing to put in the work to get the most out of his or her college experience is a welcome addition to Wash U. The classes are already challenging, but adding on extracurriculars makes the workload even more intense; however, a Wash U student would embrace this challenge. Grades would no longer be his or her central focus (though they are important); working cohesively with the community and exploring the many opportunities Wash U offers should be the goals of a Wash U student.


The only type of person that should attend this school is someone who is highly internally motivated. If you are pushed only by a parent and have absolutely no interest in what you are doing, the work will seem unbearably heavy. That is the reason why there are more than a few students with depression here and the fact that the stress levels here are higher than most other schools. The work is tough, but you can get through it if you practice good stress management skills and just do your best at whatever you work on.


In all honesty, I would not recommend this school to all students. Not even all successful students at that. The school not only requires the will to succeed, but the desire to learn. Students who succeed at WashU want to learn not only from their classes, but from the diverse experiences found on and around campus. If a student is in search of a higher level of knowledge and gaining expertise in the field about which they feel passionately, Washinton University is more than equipped to supply that education. All it requires is commitment and passion.


Anyone who likes to be challenged academically, who can handle stress but at the same time likes to be involved on campus, or who is very environmentally conscious would love to go here.


WashU houses a collaborative environment, and a collaborative environment needs cooperative and outgoing students. The kind of person who wishes to attend this school should be one who takes the intiative to reach out and bond with fellow peers. And while the academics can be tough -especially for pre-med hopefuls-, the community here is not a dog-eat-dog world where the winner takes all. Rather, we help each other succeed in a 'friendly-competitive' sort of way, and anyone coming here should be willing and prepared to do the same.


Someone who should attend Wash U should be very motivated academically--even the easy classes can be hard. They should be independently motivated to succeed, want to get to know people outside of their ethnic/racial/socioeconomic group, want to be involved in a variety of activities, and have the desire to do all of these things while still knowing how to relax and have fun when necessary. A wash u student should be well-balanced, career focused, and excited about learning, but still excited about all the things college had to offer.


smart, motivated, work hard, party hard


People who love learning and are passionate about life.


Students who are looking for a broad, well-rounded cirriculum should attend Washington University in St. Louis. However, to succeed in this environment, expect to have to work very hard. Despite being a top ranked school, Wash U also has a very vibrant social scene, so don't be afraid that you won't make friends or have any fun.


Someone who's smart, type A, passionate about what they do, friendly, and open to new experiences.


WashU is the ideal school for someone who is looking for a campus small enough to see familiar faces every day, but at the same time large enough to also daily encounter new people. It is a school for those with a strong interest in high academic performance, commitment to serving the community, and being a leader of today and tomorrow. If you are looking for research or intership/job opportunities while pursuing a degree, WashU is the perfect school because it provides many opportunities to link what you learn in the classroom to real world situations.



A Washington University student cannot be given a generalization. The Student body is diverse in all areas: economically, socially, racially, etc. However a WashU student is someone who is passionate. Passion in academics, passion in service, passion in athletics are all equally welcome at Washington University in St. Louis. WashU seeks future local and global leaders who will have an impact on their community. Prospective students should be open to be inspired by their peers and invigorated to serve and strive in all areas of life.


A person who had a good ethic and knows what it takes and the amount of work that it takes to be successful.


Midwestern hospitality is what both Missouri and the school professes. A hard-working and gracious student would enjoy and in due time, come to love the school. There's plenty of fun downtown because St. Louis is not in the middle-of-nowhere. As long as a person is honest and open, he can find his niche at WashU. After all, the school is made up of a variety of people. This diversity cannot be labeled.


Those who presumably has considerable amount of savings or income in his/her family. Those who are seriously interested in pre-med or business related fields.


A person who can manage his or her times well.


Smart, hard working, good time management skills


Those who attend this school should be highly driven and motivated in their studies, but outside of the classroom as well. Extra-curriculars, especially volunteering, are a huge part of campus life. People should also be friendly and outgoing, and should want to meet a variety of different people with different interests and from different backgrounds. Finally, most people are passionate, whether in their chosen field, about their volunteering, or even sports. Everyone has a passion they pursue, and no one is judged by what they are interested in.


Washington University in St. Louis has a hard-working, diverse, and engaged student body. An ideal Washington University student would be ready to embrace the academic challenges of college and willing to put a lot of time and effort into studying. In order for the student to appreciate the diverse study body, he or she should be excited to meet friends of other cultures and friends whose life experiences are very different from their own. Most importantly, the student should be a self motivator who is excited to seek out the many academic, social, and professional opportunities at Wash U.


A person who is dedicated to their work and doesn't mind studying the majority of the time. Someone who doesn't like to party but will on the occasion. Also, an upper-class or upper middle-class person should attend WASH U because that is what one will be surrounded by. Someone who has been sheltered and wants all the amenities they need to be on campus, then this is the school for them. Somone who does not want the focus of their school to be sports because our games aren't highly attended or celebrated.


thiose who have a lot of passion


A person who likes to smile and give to others while receiving so much should attend this school.


Someone who is interested in receiving a strong education in any field. Washington University is not only a diverse school, but it has strengths in a variety of fields. If you are artisitic there is a place for you or if you like hard scientific research you'll find a spot too.


Smart, enthusiastic, openminded


Kids who want to challenge themselves and are not afraid to work hard come here.


Someone who is academically motivated and wants to be challenged in their schoolwork while still having a social life.


Someone who is very driven academically and can handle a lot of responsibility while still able to have a good time.


Liberal, intellectual but not boring. Passionate about something (anything!).


Someone who is smart, outgoing, and well rounded


A smart and motivated individual who is well-rounded and can study and party.


Smart, academically motivated, socially motivated


Students who are interested in taking on a heavy workload in order to pursue top positions in their fields. Students should be preparing to continue education in high-ranked graduate schools and should be willing to devote themselves to studying. Most of the campus is very liberal and involved in social programs for change. There is also i high Jewish population, but race is not an issue on campus. Students should be self-motivated and have multiple academic interests.


All kinds. This school is fantastic because there is a diverse student body even though it is quite small.


A majority of WashU students are stereotypes, so if you are Jappy, a big midwesterner, a jock, a nerd,a druggie, a party girl, you should go here.