Washington University in St Louis Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Washington University in St Louis?


A kind of person who is anxious, fearful, and insecure about one's capabilities because comparison is a strong factor: It is hard to transitition to WashU where every students seems brillant, academically and physically in good shape, confident and passionate. It would be hard to come to WashU if you were very insecure because you will struggle with many doubts in comparison to your peers.


Two qualities are a must if you want to attend Washington University in St. Louis; a kind heart, and a strong work ethic. If you are a mean spirited person you will not find kindred spirits. An unkind person will not find Wash U a fitting home. In addition, it is invaluable to be willing to put in effort. Academics at Wash U are quite challenging, and without the will to work it will be a tough place to succeed.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is an underachiever who does not care about grades or their future career. This is a very challenging school that will push you beyond your limits to help you excell, but you must be willing to try. In addition, one must not come to this school for the sports or the parties. Academics come first.


Washington University in St. Louis is a rigorous school. Anyone can succeed, however hard work is a part of daily life here. The only kind of person who should not attend this school is the kind that is not willing to put in the effort to take advantage of the resources and opportunities this school offers.


There are plenty of students who have the potential to be admitted to Washington University that may not necessarily succeed. While the University offers a great education and an amazing college experience, it does not come without great effort and work. If a student wishes to simply earn a degree and find a job, there are plenty of universities that can meet that need with a less rigorous course load. Success at WashU does not come easily, so passion is an essential characteristic of the model Washington University student.


I would describe the type of person who should not attend Wash U as lazy, not driven, conservative towards other cultures and religions, and close-minded. Essentially, if a person is not willing to make school work a major priority (versus work, sports, social activities, etc), they will not succeed at Wash U and will flunk out. A person who does not like the cold will also not enjoy Wash U since most of the school year it is very cold.


I don't think any kind of person should not attend this school. However, if you're close-minded and don't enjoy interacting with and being friends with people of all backgrounds, this school might not be for you. No, my school isn't the most diverse that you could choose, but there's a level of friendliness and acceptance towards everyone that attends.


Someone who is not motivated or hard working should not attend this school. Washington University in St. Louis is a very demanding university and someone who comes here must be dedicated to obtain decent grades.


If someone that is not commited to hardwork, and is not willing to put in the time and effort it truly takes to learn the material, they should reconsider going to Washington University in St. Louis beuase it takes perseverane to attend this University.


Washington University prides itself on having a rigorous curriculum as well as a cooperative and friendly student body. In order to benefit the most from this community, students are expected to possess a certain level of open-mindedness and self-motivation. With this in mind, people that are unwilling to put forth a great deal of effort towards their academics, or those that thrive in a more competitive environment, would most likely encounter struggles as a student at Washington University.