Washtenaw Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Social interaction. Since it is a commuter school you don't have much opportunity to make friends. Students go to class then go home and there are not many groups to get involved in.


The worst thing about my school is that there are not enough healthy, affordable food options while at school. Campus, faculty, and programs are all wonderful, but it's hard to get an inexpensive and nutrious snack between classes.


In the nursing program in which I am enrolled, there are a few teachers , and clinical instructors, who try to do all they can to make make you fail. It is called the weeding out process., as opposed to any kind of encouragement to make you feel that they are there to help you exceed.


Parking is the biggest pain due to record enrollment and limited parking spaces. Unfortunately the time it takes to see a career counsilor is much longer than desired, exspecially at the beginning and end of each semester.


The worst thing about WCC is that it is overcrowded. There has been a huge increase in enrollment in the last few years, and there has been no increase in the number of parking spaces. The Parking lots are always filled to capacity and oftentimes people are parked on the lawns across campus. Give yourself an extra fifteen minutes or so before class to find a parking space.


When considering the worst thing about Washtenaw community college i would have to say it would be the parking. Every day when I go to school it takes me at least 10 to 15 minutes to try and find a parking spot. Since the economy is bad I believe that more students have to stay home and go to a community college Washtenaw has increased in the amount of students since last year, and they did not expand the parking lot. Trying to find a parking spot can be very aggravating, and is the worst thing about my school.


I'm lucky to be part of WCC! It's a fine college but it has a huge parking problem! This issue only causes us tremendous stress and time loss!


Parking definitely!! Everything about WCC so far has been great except for the awful parking situation. On an average day I can spend between 15-20 minutes trying to find a parking spot, it's ridiculous! I usually end up late for classes because of the lack of parking available. If Washtenaw invested in a parking ramp it would do wonders for them there!


The worst thing about my school, would most definetly have to be the limited parking. If you come to school in the morning you would have a better chance to find a parking space, but the later you come, theres no where to park.