Washtenaw Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to apply to the University of Michigan, and other colleges. You are going to do great this year but you should see what is possible and follow your dreams, even if they may be what you can't afford.


Don't be scared Megan. There is no need to be nervous or anxious for the life you are headed toward. All those nights of worry can be filled with happiness. College life is amazing! High School is filled with cliques and people who don't care. In College, students are more mature and actually want to be in school. You nee to be in College where you are respected and rewarded for your achievements. While you will miss the atmosphere of being with your friends all the time, in college you can schedule your classes on your own time. Those seven-hour days of being in school will be behind you. You can schedule morning classes and have the rest of the days to yourself or do things that are almost impossible for you right now. You will even have opportunities to serve your Community. There is so much more to life than being stuck in High School. You will have many opportunites that come your way. You will even get a job, that at first made you nervous, but now you love and never want to leave. Furthering your education was the best decision you will ever make.


As a high school senior, I think I severely underestimated the power of throwing yourself into an environment whole heartedly. I would like to go back and tell myself to let some of my shyness and hesitation go so that I can fully experience all aspects of my education. In high school and college alike, it is most important to value the knowledge you're recieving rather than solely getting good grades. However, another important part of this stage of life is to meet new people, expand your mind to include new views and backgrounds, and discover more of your interests and talents. I'm glad to realize this early on in my college education, so that I can carry these lessons with me as I move on through my academic career. Though it may not come naturally to me, letting go of my fear of new situations and people will ultimately serve me well all the way through the rest of my adult life as a build a career and have a family.


I would tell myself how important it is to strive for an “A” in every class. I would also tell myself not to stress over high school girls. The truth is everything you know in high school is only temporary. Now I’ve learned by consequence that my GPA was worth more than entertaining my friends and chasing girls. I was the class clown of every class in high school and I played sports which made getting girls easier but now I regret my previous priorities. I’ve learned that a high GPA can take you beyond state. I have the burden of graduating from high school with a 2.96 GPA after making the honor roll every semester after my sophomore year. Goofing off in my first two years of high school cost me many opportunities that were available to 3.0 or higher GPA students. In the state of South Carolina benefits include books and tuition completely paid for while having stipend for housing. Maintaining my own housing was a struggle after high school. Talking to my former self would be nostalgic because it would be a repeat of all the principals my parents stressed to me.


Graduating high school comes with lots of fear, and lots of excitement. This fear and excitement both stem from change. Unfortunately, for me, the fear overpowered the excitement. It’s important to know that change is both unavoidable and crucial. Without change, you miss the opportunity to learn more about the person you see in the mirror every morning. No one cares who you were in high school. Figure out who you want to be, and be that person. As you go through a transition, remember that it’s not easy, but you are not alone. Find people to help you through the difficult times; we all feel similar emotions. The people you surround yourself with will have a big influence over who you become so choose wisely. With the stress of grades, self-discovery, and finances weighing you down tell yourself it will all be worth it, because it will. Reaching dreams takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Believe in what you are capable of achieving because you are the only one in charge of your direction. Life is full of positive and negative experiences, and working through them allows you to grow and reach your destination.


College has made me more rounded in knowledge. I look forward to getting out of work and going to class even if I am exhausted. I cannot wait to go to nursing school officially. I look forward to getting off the waiting list.


To the self that was a highschool senior, feel free to day dream. The year after high school seems so crucial to the rest of your life and the feeling that the universe will cease to exist if you dont make the right choice is terrible. The best thing to do is to get excited, imagine what it will be like at college,and all the cool people you will meet. After all its an exciting time. Then try and think about the things you will have to do with your new independance, and learn some of them before the big move. Tasks such as cooking, cleaning, money managment, and laundry are good tools to work on to make the transition alot smoother. Also, there is nothing that can prepare you for living with roomates, but open communication makes a big difference. Setting personal boundaries and goals is also important for school and social interactions. Learning can be exciting and even though college is a big step up from high school, the best way to deal with the new challenge is to stay organized. Remember that there are no mistakes, only room for improvement, and feel free to day dream.


If I could go back in time and give myself advise there are so many things that I would tell myself. The most important thing that I would advise myself of is not to be swayed by others. I would tell myself that my life is my own and a person needs to do what is right for them not what is right for another person. Don't change your life for others; it only brings you regret. The second thing that I would tell myself is to dream big. When things are hard, just remember the words of Dori from Finding Nemo, "just keep swimming". Never give up and you will accomplish even the biggest of dreams. Also, I would tell myself to follow my heart and make sure that I am happy, that I take every opportunity that is given to me, and to do my best not to have regrets. Life is too precious a thing to waste on regrets and unhappiness. Finally I would tell myself that it is okay to mess up as long as I've done my best. Mistakes are part of learning and they only make you stronger.


What is one of the things that keeps us going? Dreams. We've all heard the popular saying "Follow your dreams". But what does it mean? It means that no matter what you want to achieve it's possible. You want to be a famous rock star? Start taking those guitar and vocal lessons! Dreams give us the strength and the will power to do what we do. Start making plans to reach them, follow it and never look back! It takes hard work, determination, and humility. You won't be able to travel to the moon in a day, but you can in a lifetime. There will be setbacks , but overcoming them makes you a stronger person. Dreams give us something to look forward to and proud of when you reach them. Don't let you or things get in your way of achieving them. Anyone that tells you not to dream is probably upset because they didn't achieve theirs. Nothing is better than a dreamer. A dreamer is that positive person that knows the sky's the limit. When your dreaming remember one key thing: All things are possible. And never let yourself forget it.


Prior to registering for classes, make sure you check class requirements for the different degrees you are considering. Since you may not know or may change your mind on your profession, you should begin with taking the basic required classes to make efficient use of your time at school. After taking your required courses, you may have a more specific idea of which field you would like to enter. Make sure you plan out your class schedule prior to registering as well so you can ensure you get your classes and have a convenient schedule Also, make sure you know your personal habits. If you are not a morning person, do not sign up for early classes. If you have financial issues, maybe you should start at a community college to save money on credits to transfer to a university. If you have time, you may also want to check out online opinions on teachers or ask to sit in on classes to see if the teacher's style works for you. Finally, only buy your books after your teacher confirms you need them, and try to order online.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice on transitioning to college, I would tell myself many things. The first bit of information I would drill into my high school head is that nothing in life is easy. I would make sure that I know that getting into college is harder than most would assume. I'd be sure that I applied to schools sooner, did better in high school, applied for more scholarships, didn't waste time and took everything more seriously. A lot of students think that college is just going to jump on board with us but it isn't. If you expect something out of life then you have to go after it, chase it, work for it. Nothing will be handed to you. I never wanted to be stuck in a financial bind unable to attend college for another year but it happened because I didn't do the work. I'd want to avoid that. And these are all the things I wish I could go back in time and tell my high school self. Having that advice would have really made a difference.


I would defiently encourage myself to continue on with an education! Even if you have to work, raise children, move to different states, etc., but to stay focused on learning and expanding on my education. There are so many areas that would have been advantagious to learn that would have enriched my life . Even if for the health of my brain , physiologically, to continue with stretching and growing in knowledge., and self-esteem that comes from being successful. Also to better myself with this gift of life that I have been given, to use it to help other people. , and to encourage them to better themselves. and to enjoy learning.


Transistion was the hardest part of moving up to college due to miscommunication and errors in paperwork; especially at the tender age of sixteen. I was younger than everyone else and had that to add to my nerves. Luckily everyone involved was kind and a great help. If given the chance to give myself advice it would have to be: relax. Transistioning is not the end of the world if it does not go smoothly, it only gives you a chance to see the world differently and for what it realy is: not easy. I would also have to tell myself that there are many people willing to help with the process: highschool teachers and counsilors as well as the college advisors, and that I am not alone; there are thousands of other students going through the same thing. Unfortunatlely because it is a community college my lifestyle will not change too much, but there are events and a lot of clubs to participate in. College is not as hard and complicated as some people make it seem, it is just best to do your best and learn how to adapt to the new school and the world.


I would tell myself, if I could give my high school self advice, to just buckle down on all my schoolwork. You only get out of college what work you put in. I would also tell myself to just go straight to a four year university. I spent the last two years of my college career in a community college. I have saved some money on classes compared to a four year university, but I have also spent a lot of money on classes that i did not need for my transfer to a university. If you just put in that little bit of extra effort into class that you wouldn't normally, you will learn more and be even more successful than you were before.


The advice I would give myself, seeing as I have already experienced college is to go away to school. Since I stayed home and went to a community college I saved a lot of money, but at the same time I did not get to experience life the way that other students have. Since all of my friends went away to school, I feel lonelier because I am at home and do not have my friends surrounding me. If I knew that all of my friends decided to go away I would have joined them. Yes I love my family and they are number one in my life but friends are right up there too. I am happy that I stayed home and saved money but I am not as happy as I could have been. The advice I would give myself if I could go back in time would have been to go away to college but never forget my true self.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice, I would tell myself to be more relaxed going into college because it's not really as difficult and rough as it may seem. If you get your work done and pay attention and go to class, it will be a piece of cake. I would tell myself to be more open-minded of things at the beginning because you don't know most of the people at college and you deffinitely don't know their background.


I'd honestly tell myself to wait to go to school. I know myself when I was 18, and the girl I was at 18 would have been going to school to keep mom and dad happy, and not because she truthfully wanted to be there. Outside of that, the biggest piece of advice I'd give myself is "Structure, structure, structure!" I am, and have always been, a horrible procrastinator. "I'll do it later!" is always my motto. In high school, you can talk your way out of that alot. In college, the teachers don't care that you wanted to go out to eat, or that Dog The Bounty Hunter was on, or that your son was up sick the night before the big boffo test they handed out. You have the homework and get the points, or you don't and you don't. It's as simple as that. Even now, I sometimes struggle - you must set out a required time to work on your work that you *know* is going to be free and clear (I use the days my son goes to preschool), and you must sit down and do the work.


My advice would be to take all different kinds of classes because then a idea will be created of what is liked. As college approches for senior, by taking different classes will be able to take the basics and classes they know they will like. By doing this, money will not be wasted in college to find out it was not what you thought it was.


If I went back to high school as a senior, I would focus more on mathematics and I would stay after school to study. When I was in high school, not many of us paid attention to life after highschool. Post graduation, the things I found out about college life and decisions I had to make, I wish if I had prepared myself earlier to learn more about college, and how to better understand it. My senior year would have been the perfect time to prepare for college and making the changes needed to make ahead of time. After all, no regrets because when I came to this country from Somalia, I was 13 years old, never been to school, and didn't speak any English at all! All the time I spent in high school was basically to learn the Enlgish language. I believe I've come so far to believe in myself and strive harder in order to excell. Most of my siblings left school because of the redicule and humiliation they've encountered in school, but I've decided to focus on my goal to become an FBI agent and help combat terrorism and children traffickers.


Don't procrastinate!!!!! My senior year of high school I wasn't planning on going to college at all, I still applied to some universities, but I wasn't planning on acting on any of the acceptance letters that I got. Then last minute I decided to just try out a community college and see what I thought. I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but for some reason I decided on elementary education. So instead of taking all of my basic courses, I dove right in and started with education classes....bad move!! Well needless to say after a semester of that, I decided I didn't want to major in that anymore. So, that's one semester down the drain. Then I switched to communications and public relations, I took my first communitcation course and hated it. So, I dropped my classes half way through the semester....another bad move!! I finally got discouraged and gave up. So, here I am now, 24 years old and back in school working on finally getting that college degree!


Knowing what I do now, I would give myself a few tips as a senior. Looking back I would have applied to more schools and looked at other options out of state. I would also have tried to settle on a major earlier. Other than that, I am proud to say that I am happy with where my life has taken me. Staying home and going to community college, I have met some incredible people, and some of my closest friends, people I couldn't imagine my life without. For this, I am grateful that my life has gone down the path that it has.


If I could go back in time and talk to my "senior self " my last year in high school, I would tell my self this: You're doing great. You've been threw alot, but you have over come the obstacles with no hesitation. Being diagnosed as Bipolar is hard when you have no idea what it means, but thats no reason to give up, fight through this and show everyone you can do it. You know what you want, don't let anyone tell you what you should be, or tell you, "you could do better," do what you want, and especially do what makes you happy, and in the end you will be rewarded. Do your best, do your homework, and stay on track, the best is yet to come.


Take friendships for what they're worth. In a year from now you'll have an entirely different social group, and six months after that it'll change yet again. Ultimately all that matters is that at the end of each and every day, you can look back and confidently feel that you have lived the best way possible, made the best decisions you could, and helped as many people as possible. Try not to worry about money; there's always more out there. Don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Afterall, it isn't a mistake if you learn from it - it's a life lesson. Live to learn, always do your best, and never fear the future - in the end, everything will be okay.