Waubonsee Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is most known for the quality of the education for the cost. Most of the professors here also teach at four year Universities too, like Aurora and NIU. It is awesome because we are getting the same education as students at those universities for a lot less money.


It's many campuses.


Despite it's "college" status, Waubonsee community College has one of the nation's top nursing programs. The college's automotive technology program is also making an increasingly good reputation for itself. In addition, Waubonsee is known for it's very low tuition costs and being very reluctant to call of school due to snow or ice.


Waubonsee Community College is known for their great nursing and automotive programs. I personally think that the Criminal Justice and Psychology Departments are also very well run, I enjoy all those teachers and their classes.


I think that my school is great because of the flexible time schedules, and all the opportunities students have in their classes. I think that any time a student needs help, they can easily go up to any staff and receive just what they're looking for. I feel that everything is organized in a timely manner that there should be no room for failure.