Waubonsee Community College Top Questions

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Waubonsee is a wonderful school because it allows you to discover what you're interested in pursuing academically without having to pay astronomical tuition. There are plenty of night classes, weekend classes, and online classes for people who have busy schedules, and it's easy to go full time or part time. Many of the classes at Waubonsee transfer to four year universities if you're interested in attending one after your Waubonsee education, too.


Well, compared to high school and Waubonsee Community College was that Waubonsee is "immature" free. Usually in High school, there was always drama and people picking on you for no reason. In Waubonsee, now I do not want to sound too naive, but people in Waubonsee are more interested in studying, completing their schoolwork, and trying to figuring out what career path they wanted to take. Sure, there are a few immature people in Waubonsee, but I studied Waubonsee for over a year and I feel great walking though the doors there. I have no issues with the other students.


Well it's close to home and is much much more affordable than other schools I considered. They have a pretty good staff and the campus keeps getting updated to meet the needs of the students.