Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I attended a satellite campus. The Lubbock campus was a non-traditional campus. My first day at the campus I felt very young. I was usually the youngest in my class. The age difference did not stop me from interacting with the other students. I got to know many new friends.


They are easy to become friends with.


most of them are very smart and really want to do something with their lives.


My classmates are a fun and often determined group of people who like to think about the future.


My classmates are fun, and entertaining.


My classmates are of different ethnicities, backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, religions and values.


My classmates are passionate about what they do. Talk to any given student, and they will describe to you, in great detail and with great enthusiasm, their major, career choice, and hopes for the future. That is not to say that even the most optomistic of us don't get burned out or experience stress or disappointment, we do, we also choose to perserver through everything. No matter what the circumstances, students at Wayland Baptist University will triumph over every obstacle to acheive their dreams.


My classmates tend to be frinedly and willing to help on a regular basis.


My fellow classmates all attended college in order to engage themselves in learning knowledge for a future career while also developing as humans in a positive atmosphere of learning that encouraged personal reflection and outside discussion as well.