Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The School of Business, Nursing, and Religion


Giving opportunites to people out of the country a chance to complete their education by providing institutions all over the states and in Africa. The university also offers an abbundant online source for students.


The school that I go to is the overall way the teachers react with their students. Anyone can pop into a professor's office and have a discussion about anything that is troubling them whether it is school problems or just life problems. They will offer a answer through a christian perspective to better help you out.


My school is best known for the music department. Everyone that is affiliated with the music department are phenominal at what they do. I believe that our school is also known for the leadership our students have towrads one another. The services that are offered to let students become engaged with is great and it allows for the studetns to develop leadership early on before they start their career.


My university is best known for its ability to provide a more affordable option for a private university experience where one can receive a quality education in a small community. It is also known as a progressive institution for having been the first university in the former Confederate South to voluntarily integrate.


Our school is best known for the attitude Wayland represents to Plainview and surrounding towns. Everytime you tell someone you go to Wayland automatically likes you and does not judge you the wrong way. Other than that, the sports on campus is well known. It is very competitive.