Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

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It's set up for all college students with an emphesis on the working class. The classes are set up after a regular work schedule and on weekends or holiday's, this is beside's our virtual campus. The employees are helpful and willing to help you achieve your educational goals and dreams


I was able to do almost my whole degree online


My school offered evening classes which fit with my work schedule and shorter terms which allowed me to complete my bachelors a little faster than I could have elsewhere.


WBU is much smaller than the other schools that I considered & also a faith based university.


The teachers.


Wayland has a special environment to offer students who do not want to be overwhelmed by a enormous population of students. Wayland also offers a distinctly Christian atmosphere for students. I find that unlike large schools, where a student is only a number in the masses of people, Wayland students feel important and cared for by faculty and staff on an individual basis. At large campuses, it can be frusterating trying to get from one class to another. Wayland's campus is the perfect size and allows students to commute in between their dorms to classes very easily and quickly.