Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The admissions process can drag on and make it very difficult to receive proper funding. However, this is as any school that you attend.


Theare are almost no trees anywhere. Other than that it's perfect.


Many students are cold and non-accepting and the administration is terrible. Housing is bad and students are not allowed to move off campus until senoir year. I was told I would recieve much more financial aid than I did and it is a suitcase school, meaning that students live out of a suitcase during the week and leave as soon as classes are out on friday. There are no activities and administration puts nothing into the school. The school does not help anyone get a job when leaving and leaves students unprepared because they parent too much.


Small campus. Not alot of lab equipment.


Sometimes, the financial and business offices aren't very organized. It makes it difficult to make sure you are on track.


The only some what bad thing about WBU is that it is not up to date. It needs some work done on some of the buildings and definetly to the dorms. But other than the overall appearance being someone old. This is an amazing christian based school that is great for anybody.