Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe that a person who just wants to be at college for the fun of it like partying should not attend this school.


If you like doing things online, this is a good school for that. From Financial Aid to online classes, the school utilizes the internet extremely well.


I dont think that anyone should not attend this school because I believe this school welcomes all diversities, and majors that people are into.


Wayland Baptist University is a very small school, with a close-knit student body. This school is also religiously affilliated, so perspective students who are not chirstians or not tolerant of the christian faith should look at other schools. Also, students who are extremely liberal may find this school an odd fit, as it was founded and supports conservative values. If you are not tolerant, do not attend.


The person that is looking for a party school shouldn't attend Wayland. Wayland is very academically foucesed and doesn't tolerate binge drinking. While it is a Baptist school, people do drink... just don't look to constantly party.


Plainview, Texas is a small town so if you are looking for a metropolitan area with night clubs and shopping malls, this is not the place. Students who prefer to blend in with the crowd and not be noticed should not come to this small school.