Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I attended the extenal campus in Mililani, Hawaii so my night classes and online courses may be the reason for this, but I felt a little cheated out of a thorough undergraduate education. Instead of delving deeply into the topics we discussed, it felt like we skimmed over or barely scratched the surface.


nothing as yet


Lack of financial aid options.


the internet in doorms isn't all that great, it's really slow so homework takes forever to complete.


The most frustrating part of Wayland is that the faculty tells their students what they want to hear when they have a problem, but in the end, the students' suggestions are brushed aside. No action is taken when a problem has been admitted to needing rectification. Hidden costs are added almost every term, and the faculty who obviously care nothing for their students are held unaccountable for their lack of teaching and harsh student-directed comments.


The most frustrating thing about the school I go to is that it can be very unorganized sometimes. This semester I had to sign three or four different award letters. Another thing that bothers me is that there is never anything to do here on the weekends. I wish there could just be some kind of activity or something to do here every now and then.


Without a doubt the most frustrating thing about Wayland Baptist University is the dishonesty, or promises that have not been kept, and the disorganization of the payment process. Wayland Baptist University recruits more than 80 players into their baseball program and this supplies two junior varsity teams. For every player they recruit to the school the school offers them more money for scholarships; however, as much money as our baseball program has not one of our junior varsity players is receiving any sort of athletic financial aid. We do all the work, but receive no rewards.


The most frustrating thing about Wayland is that sometimes people tend to categorize people based on what they do. For instance, if you play baseball you must be a drinker and live the party life. If you are a religion major, you must be the perfect student who only involves himself/herself in Christian based activities and does not have a social life. People basically assume that everyone only desires to be with a particular group and that they must fit into a certain mold if they associate with a particular group of people.