Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I realized the high cost of going into a 4 year university compared to the money I would have saved if I went to a junior college for my basics then transferred out to the a 4 year.


I wish I would have known more information about counseling process and, available internships


I wish I had known more about scholarship opportunities and what this school was actually going to cost me. It's great but we pay a lot for crappy food and slow administration offices.


I wish I had known about the condecending way the administration (not professors) looks down on those who aren't conformative with their religious, political and ethical stance.


Know what your goals are: small and large. Do not waste your time because a waste of time is a waste of hours of your life you will soon wish you had back. Love everyone, even if you do not like them, because you will need them all before your time in school is ended. Take classes on military instillations: you will meet some of your favorite people there. Avoid night classes: the traffic is terrible.


I guess I wish I was more aware of the Wayland Environment. I always had this idea of the college life and the typical college environment. Then I came to Wayland and I was suprised. When I came down for a visit it seemed much bigger for some reason then it actually is. It is a very small campus, which is sort of nice, but I had this idea of college campuses be very large. I'm not dissapointed but I was somewhat suprised.


Prior to attending Wayland Baptist University I wish I would have had more insight on the dishonesty of their athletic programs. There seem to be alot of empty promises about the entire campus involving status on the sports teams, and money issues. Also, I wish I would have had more clue as to the availability of financial aid, and the overall lack of organization.


That the food in the caf is not as good as it is.