Wayland Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Wayland Baptist University offers a wonderful chance for students of the Christian faith to learn in an environment that will prepare them for professional careers after college. Any person of any faith can come and attend, which makes the school culturally diverse while still getting an education in the christian faith.


My professors make college worth while. They always know who you are and are able to assist you with any problems you may aquire.


The best thing about Wayland is that it is a predominantly Christian school. You see God's existance in the administration, faculty, and students. The love of Christ is definantly felt here.


I believe that the size of the campus and what it offers as well as the way teachers interact with the students. I love having small classes so you can ask questions and better learn. It also offers dual degreee programs for several degrees that they don't have so people not coming just because they don't offer what they want to go into. I am part of this and earning a BS in mathematics and then I will go to Texas Tech and get my BS in engineering. I love this about Wayland.


I enjoy the professors, and the flexibility to obtain a degree and still maintain a social life


The Best thing about Wayland is both the faculty and the student environment. Most students hate the food and the lack of communication between the business and financial aid offices, but most students would chose Wayland over other schoolsl. My best advice, get envolved and be patient.


The best thing about Wayland Baptist University is the people. Yes- we have good academics. Yes- we have nice extra-curricular activities. But, the reason I love Wayland is the people. Everyone is kind and caring. Your professors know you by name, and they want you to succeed.