Wayne County Community College District Top Questions

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WCCCD honestly and truely cares about and stays true to their mission and vission statement. They empower individuals, businesses and communities to achieve their goals through excellent accessible services, culturally diverse experiences and globally competitive higher education and career advancement programs. I have been to numerous community college and have not even come close to the level of education and the level of character and care that each professor gives toward their students.


The school I attend is unique because of its small class sizes. The teachers know everybody`s names before the 3rd or 4th week.


What is unigue about my school is that they are offering a 1 year transfer program between my school which is Wayne County Community College to Wayne State University. Its mainly for students who are maybe not up to par with the requirements that a full size university is requiring. So it really makes it special for me so I'm 100% ready for a normal university such as Wayne State University.


The diversity of the students. My classes are online and it is nice to read respsonses from different genders, nationalities and cultures.


The professors are down-to-Earth and the classes are laid back.