Wayne County Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students that are not willing to put in the much needed time to study should not attend this school. Sometimes students are required to learn basic concepts on their own which leaves no room for slacking.


Someone who shouldn`t attend this school is someone who slacks off ; procastinates til the last minute. someone who doesn`t keep record of time. Someone who isn`t persistent and studeous.


This person would not able to learn, practice, find a good job. It would be hard for them to go to school because of issues.


If you are looking to experience the typical college experience, WCCCD is not the school for you. From my experience here, rhis community college is the breeding place for older and serious young students. Most of my classmates are people currently laid off or have lost their jobs and are coming back to school to secure employment in more modern fields.


Someone who isn't serious about getting an education. Anyone that is immature or needs a lot of attention to get the work done.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who just want to stand around and socialize in the hall way. There are a lot of students here at wayne county community district and most of them really want an education so that we can recieve our degrees and succeed in life. Most people just come around within six weeks. Others are around because they have nothing else to do. So if your not the kind of person who is willing to become someone/somebody in the near future, this is not the school you should attend.