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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In highschool, I was an honor student throughout my senior year. The oldest of four siblings, I felt that school was the job I needed to maintain well, for my mother- a sinlge parent. The only thing I ever missed was a social life. I yearned to be recognized and fit in, just as most teens do. My transition into highschool was difficult for me because I was different- being the second parent helping raise one sister and two brothers. Therefore, while I focused on my academics I was not very well accepted in the social classes of highschool. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would definitely tell my high school self that I made the right choice then to get me here in college today- pusuing academia that I enjoy. I would remind my high school self about what have learned in anthropology, cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology- the world will always be full of opportunities to socialize. I know now, that I made the right decision to stay focused and now I have plenty of time for friends- I am that cool kid.


Plainly put, Val-Marie, you need more than a high school education. I know continuing education was not mentioned or supported in the house while growing up. There would also be the pressure of being the first generation college graduate if your decision is to continue education. It doesn’t matter how many challenges you project in your mind when contemplating a college career. Those projections only make college seem like an impossible mission. Not to mention the harsh reality of having little to no financial support. What an overbearing decision to make! I know my opinion may not have been a factor in your final decision. You probably never imagined a conversation like this could exist. As fascinating as this experience is for the both of us, we must realize, I’m only an older you given the opportunity to go back in time. This is not a divine intervention; however, let us treat it as some of the best advice we’ve ever received. Enroll in community college, expand your mind, and find an interesting path. Let our open-minded approach to life lead us to find a true passion.


I would tell myself not to be afraid to ask questions. No one is just going to hand you information, if there is something that you need to know you have to go out there and get it yourself. Another important thing I would tell myself is that you could never spread yourself to thin. It really helps to network and get to know people that can help you in the furture. Getting involved is a wonderful way of networking.


I would tell myself back then that you have to take your education and future seriously because this is your life. it`s okay to dream but you have put those dreams into action; apply yourself. No one else can live your life but you.


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You should really focus now on learning to manage your time. It's okay to have fun, but you have to know how to have fun and get work done at the same time. Once you get in college, a lot of distractions are going to start throwing themselves at you. You probably will have a ton of homework you need to do, and you will also need to reserve time to study and make sure that your prepared for exams. However, the distraction of going out and having fun will be very tempting, and most people usually crack under this pressure. Organization is the key to having a very successful college career.


first of all, I am deaf n really need this money to pay school and everything I need . I graduated from Northwestern High school in 2006. Now, I am a college student almost 4 years in Community College. My advice is focus in school, be a prepared for myself, be successful woman in future, and can be what I want to be. I know I can do it.


If I could go back to a high school senior I would have took some college classes doing senior year and started classes that fall after graduation and not waited years later.


The first thing I would say is dating can wait atleast until you get a bachelors degree. Even a healthy relationship can take your focus away from the time needed to perform well in college. In addition, remember money isn't everything and when your anxious to prove your ability to be able to survive on your own, it's so easy to become some overrated big company's mule. Lastly, education is simple what you put in is what you get out, so put every effort into succeeding and the outcome will be success.


I would first tell myself to stop waiting around and get on the internet to look for scholarships! I'd also tell myself not to cut myself short on a class simpily because it's difficult or I don't like the subject (math in particular), and get it out the way earlier on. I reckon it'll be much easier to that way (for me anyways). Procrastination was a bad habit of mine in HS, and a rather hard one to break, so I would also tell myself to drop that habit ASAP as doing that in college is only ASKING for a world of stress! Lastly I would tell myself to stop cutting my education short by doing just enough to get by and go beyond what I think I'm able to, even if that means an extra hour or two away from the Playstation.


I would say to myself, "Freshman year in college is the review of all high school learning experiences. You are going to revisit what you have learned, but what makes it college is that you gain so much more knowledge in so many different areas and apects." This would be to open my mind on the expectations of my first impresssion of college. I would also tell myself, "Go to college directly after graduation instead of following the trend of 'taking a break'. Once you become comfortable on your mini-vacation, its very easy to become distracted and even start to drift away from the idea of going back to school." One of the most important pieces of advice I could give myself would be to go into college with an open mind. "In college the decisions are yours entirely, you can chose your classes, choose your career path, most importantly choose your destiny." All in all I believe the message I will be getting across to myself is to go into college with the mindset that I can, and I will succeed in my educational journey.


I would convince myself of the nessisity of a good post-secondary education. That working in a mundane job day to day is not a life, it's just an existance. That working hard and getting good grades may at the time seem difficult, espically when your young and trying to raise a family, but in the end it will be well worth it to do something that you enjoy and very fullfilling to know that you've made a positive difference.


My senior year was the greatest year of my life so far. I was extremely active and extremely competive in sports but I wish I could say the same about my studies and my grades. I was a swimmer and a golfer. I made it easily to states in both sports. I had college coaches looking at me when I hit the golf ball and even more when I flew through the water. My swim coach was a Wayne State Universtiy alumni and teammate to the Men's swimming and diving team. The last meet of the season came and the coach from WSU had shown up to watch. After the meet he said there would be a spot on the team for me. I was more excited then I've ever been, week's later I got a letter in the mail saying I wasn't accepted because of my grades. Now year's later with much better grades, a 3.3 to be exact, I am now applying to WSU again. I am more mature and more grown up, I know what needs to be done, but I know my financials are not up to par. Thank you


The advice that i would give my self that college is not like high school i have to foucus and study more harder because i am in a different atmoshere. the advice that i also would give my self even though that the road ahead may be getting harder i will always keep trying no matter what i go through. One thing i keep in my mind is never give up cause the mind is a terrible thing to waste.


I woulds say to my self "college is a stepping stone to your career don't slack one bit but do your best in everything even the classes you dont like. Dont let outside distractions get in the way keep your eyes on the prize and no one can tell you that you can't do something or be some one great. Change is the effect that you bring about by certain useful actions."


I would definitly tell myself to take a few advanced classes. It definitly would have prepared me a lot better for college. I would also tell myself that i need to study more and work harder to get A's. I graduated with a 3.3 but I wish it would have been better because college is no joke and you have to work hard if you want that good grade. My work ethic would have already been good, and I wouldn't have been so suprised when I finally got to college.


I would advise myself to not do drugs and alcohol . I would also advise myself to study hard,get good grades , and stay out of trouble .And last but not least I would advise myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible so that I would'nt have to get myself in debt with student loans.


I would tell myself to go straight to college from high school. I would tell myself to buckle down and start being a "nerd" sooner than later. I would tell myself to get better study habbits and surround myself with people who care about their future the same as I do. I would also tell myself not wait till the last minute to do things, like start something two days before the deadline. Over all I would keep myself motivated about my future!!!


I would tell myself to prepare for the challenges that college has in store me. Stand back, and view the vista from a different perspective and realiaze that life, outside of high school, is significantly altered forcing you to change your usual habits, and mannerisim in an effort to re-establish your grasp on the world you have yet to unwravel.


If I was able to go back into to talk to myself as a senior I would just kind of prepare myself for whats going to happening by making the transition over to a university or college. I would let myself know that there are going to be lots of parties and meeting new people but still make sure I keep my studies up and learn when its ok to hang out and when you need to study for tests and doing homework. The best advice that I would give myself would be to stay close to family because they will be your number 1 support team cheering you on, and always making sure that I would listen to my parents more to what they say because I know there have my back no matter what.


I did very will my senior year i would not change a thing, we were in trimesters and i recieved a 3.6 a 4.0 and a 3.8. if i could change something it would be to go back to my freshman and sophomore years and worked harder.


I am 25 years old. I remember as a child how much easier life was for my mother, even though there were seven children in the family. Experiencing life's transition from a child to an adult in this decade is really grounding to say the least. Employment opportunities are few and far between so therefore we have to be crafty and thrifty to succeed while in college. My advice.. attend a small college; maybe a community college with farely cheap prices. Make sure you do your research for these schools. Specifically the cost per credit hour, lab fees, and what other fees you will be charged for. Apply for financial aid once you decide on a school. If the school's prices is decent, you will have a nice remainder of money after the school takes its cut, to live with. you can pay a few bills, buy the kids something nice, invest, whatever you decide. Also study hard and apply yourself. There are many many rewards and scholarships availble for good grades. Network and make lifelong connections for you never know who you're meeting and what you can do for each other. My words of widom!


This is a major turning point in your life. Don't let anyone tell you that you can not accomplish anything you set your mind to doing. Dream big and go for that dream with the determination that you will make that dream come true. Be prepared to pay attention in class and take good notes. Sit in the front row so the teacher can see you. Be prepared to devote time to studying. Stay positive no matter what happens. The only way to fail is to not try.


Are you ready for greatness? if so, make sure you take an account of all you're being taught here at this level because you will need it entering college. You're going to be responsible for what you learn in college, so its going to be important for to stay focus and have a learning system that can help you excel in college. In college your teacher is their to provide you with all of the information needed for you to learn, but it's going to be up to you how you retain it. If you're looking at college as an escape from your parents or freedom to stay out and party, I advise you to stay home and get a job, because most freshman's who think this way end up flunking out of college because they saw themselves thriving on campus and didn't prepare how to thrive in class. Now that your're making the decision which college to attend make sure you're making the decision based on what you have to offer the school as a resposible individual that will enhance the school academically, socially, and professionally upon graduating.


Knowing what i know now about college life, I would go back and tell myself to work harder and get prepared for college early, meaning don't wait until you graduate to think about your future education. I would tell myself to study more so my transcripts would be good because this plays a big part in getting accepted at all colleges. I would also tell myself to take it upon yourself to look for scholarships, grants, and loans because if you dont nobody will do it for you, people may tell you what to do or may even try to help but you shouldn't depend on anybody but yourself.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what i know bout college, the advice i would give myself would have to be, set goals for your future references as well as making the right decission on what exactly i would wanna major in as a career when finished with college. Once i decided on a program that i want to take in college, i would refer it to 1 or more people as a future thought incase they wanted to choose a different career opportunity in their life.


I would tell myself to do better in school and to have more than one skill . Honestly I have been very lucky, as a hard worker I was recommended for a job which I have been at for 16 years and for the most part make a decent living off of. Unfortunately my husband was hurt at work at a young age and we managed to do ok until I took a pay cut recently. I don't ever want to be in the position again of really only having one skill and not be marketable to other types of employers.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to have better time management, apply for more scholarships, and apply to more schools. There were so many scholarships that I missed because I did not know how to manage my time. As of now I am doing those scholarships that I missed. I may not receive none but when I apply I do have a chance than not appying at all. As far as colleges I had my mind set on one university. I did get accepted but I refused to take out a loan. Applying to more colleges or universities would have incresed my chances of coming across a shool where it could have been free to attend. However, If I could go back I would still go to a community college because I learned so much in a smaller college setting. My social skills are better and I've discovered more about myself. Coming out of high school I was very introverted and basically was not enjoying life, all I knew was chool. Now with better time management I can do more.


I would have told myself to pay attention and be present more so than I was. I would difinitely say pay attention on how to use computers and on how to take notes and ask questions. Not to spend so much time on being popular but instead focus on my studies. I would have enrolled in a daul- enrollment program so that I would have already had a sense of what college was going to be like. I would have listened to the encouaging words those professional speakers were telling me about. I wouldnt have been so naive on taking the four year scholarship at Wayne State all because I wanted to go away for school. I would have done more volunteer work and participation in high school.


I would give myself more time to study and to set my priorities right. Keep a strong, don't let anyone influence you into doing anything that u have never done before. Get into an activity it'll help you. Most of all, take most of your time doing homework, studying, even if you don't have any homework, get with a study group. It is better to have more than one brain working.


If I could go back in time to when i was a senior, i would have applied to so many scholarships and i wouldn't have made all of the mistakes i've made in highschool period. i would have been a much better student because i was really good, but not good enough. i would have choosen the right friends who would boost me up and help choose the right paths in life. i would have studied way more than i did in my senior year. Even though i graduated with a 3.2 G.P.A, i still could have done better. Oh! I would have listened to my parents more when they told me over and over again to look at scholarships because they would get me in the college i wanted to go to. Sometimes i actually wished there was a time machine to where I could go back in time and relive my life.I would have changed a lot of things in my life period but i do not regret anything because i love who i am now. Sometimes you have to experience things and bump your head to realize real life. Choose Me.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first give high school me a hug and tell her that everything is going to work out wonderfully. I would then tell myself that paying for college is a lot harder then we first thought but to remember that the government can reposes everything BUT your education, so don?t hesitate when it comes to those student loans. Also I would tell high school me how to go about getting third party student loans to make up for what our parents can?t pay, even though FASFA thinks they can. Moreover I would tell her that when she was thinking about transferring to a four year college to apply to more than one and to look into scholarships at all that she applied at. I would let myself know that study habits are key, and that she won?t get good grades if she doesn?t study and read the material. The last thing I would tell high school me is to enjoy college when she gets there, and not to stress about the little things.


I would tell myself to keep focused on the important things in life rather than material friends. College is important and without it you can go nowhere in life. Stay positive and true to yourself. Within 10 years you will become a great forensic pathologist so dont worry about the small stuff. You are a great person and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.