Wayne State College Top Questions

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My school has a really fantastic teacher education program.


The size is very unique to Wayne. It's not a huge school where you're running into someone new every minute of every day, but it's also not teeny tiny where you know every single person. It's still very easy to meet people, and most walks to class include an encounter with a familiar face. However, there are many unfamiliar faces giving you the opportunity to meet more and new people.


The classes are small and the professors are every friendly and always willing to help if you need it. You can walk to any place in Wayne so you don't always have to drive.


I enjoyed the smaller atmosphere. I had also received a full tuition 1-year transfer scholarship to attend. I actually will have to transfer to UNO-NE because my family and I are moving to Omaha. I am quite scared that the classes will be big and the teachers will not know who I am. That was never a problem at Wayne.


One thing that i think is unique about Wayne State are the professors. The professors here know you by name and they are there to help you whenever you need it. If you are not able to meet with them during they're office hours they're willing to set up a time according to your schedule and that works best for you so that they are able to help you succeed.


At Wayne State the teachers work with the students and explain what the class needs to know in order to suceed in the workforce. The teachers work together to help the students strive for their goals.