Wayne State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Wayne is the perfect college for someone who is very family oriented. Although I was ready to be on my own, I didn't want to completely leave my family. Like many other students at Wayne State, I travel home fairly frequently. Thus, I am able to still see my family often and be involved with my siblings during their remaining high school years.


The kind of person that should attend Wayne State College is a person who enjoys a close-knit community and friendly environment, and wants the opportunity to develop close relationships with faculty and other students, while receiving an exceptional education. A person who would like to walk to class everyday and be able to recognize a familar face is a person who is fit for Wayne State College. Students here are encouraged to get involved together, whether on campus or in the community. Professors and faculty at Wayne State College are dedicated to helping you succeed.


People who attend Wayne State College often come from rural communities. There is very little diversity. However, the staff are very qualified and care about getting to know the students. The class sizes are small so it is easy to communicate with professors and they know who you are.


Preople who are determaned , hard workers , and eager to learn should attend Wayne State College. It has a nice fun campus ande class sizes that are small enough for your teachers to realy connect with you on a personal level.


Any one who wants to get a four year degree. This college offers a wide range of majors and miniors.


Wayne State College is a great Education college. That is the reason why I came here. So if you are wanting a good Education college I would say come to Wayne State.


Anyone looking for a good education, at a good price. The classes are never so big you feel you go unnoticed. You should go here if you are looking for good community, looking to meet new people, and want to have a more personal relationship with professors and instructors.


Students who want a small school atmosphere with a lot of activities available. The teachers care and average class size is 25.


A person looking for a good college expeirance in a small town setting.