Wayne State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visit, explore, and talk! I didn't go on many college visits, and I'm finding that to come back and haunt me. Although I love Wayne State, it's just not a perfect fit for me. Had I gone on more visits as a senior, I think I could have found a better school to fit my wants and needs. I also wish I would have explored more. I thought I new what I wanted to major in, but after taking a semester of classes, I found that that is not the path for me. In high school I was dead set on nursing. I didn't job shadow ever, and I wish I would have. I found that nursing just isn't for me. Had I explored more options earlier, I would have discoverd this earlier. I also wish I would have talked with more people. Whether it had been current students at Wayne State, or academic advisors, I wish I would have gotten more first hand information from people living "my life", instead of just the basic fun facts to attract prospective students.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, the most important advice I would give myself about making the transition to college would be to focus on career planning. Knowing now that I want to pursue a career in the medical field, I would tell myself to enroll in the necessary college courses so that I will be on the right path towards a career in medicine. I would tell myself that college is the time to learn and focus on growing as an individual, to take courses that will benefit me both personally and academically, so that it will benefit me far into the future. I would tell myself to not be afraid of making mistakes, because in life we constantly learn from our mistakes and that is what makes us a better person. I would give myself the advice to challenge myself; to strive, even more, for academic excellence, because working hard towards my goals in college will pay off and will be the greatest reward.


concentrate on your goals stay focus on priorites


Knowing what I do now, I tell younger kids to be as involved in highschool as they can. I explain to them that I wish that I would have been more active in sports and clubs so I would have had a chance and scholarships. Instead of being active in highschool, I worked two jobs. If I could give myself more advice it would be that if I was going to work two jobs, that I should save every penny that I could. Even with as much as I saved I am still finding myself working two to three jobs just to get ready for my final year in college. I wish that I would have realized how expensive college really is, if I did, I might not be struggling as much as I am. I could of participated in more clubs and sports and had a better chance at receiving scholarships instead of working away my senior year of highschool and my freshman year of college.


f I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take the opportunities I ‘m given. College is a prime time in my life. I’m only given one chance, so take advantage of it. When I’m given the opportunity to try out for cheerleading, take it. When the time comes to meet new people and interact, take it. Getting up every day for class is a blessing. Too often I let days go by and don’t take chances. These chances come once in our lifetime. If I don’t take advantage of them, I will spend every day asking “what if.” Making the transition to live away from mom and dad is hard, but it is an experience. Depending on how I make it my experience at Wayne State College can be good or bad. Nerves are at their peak, but moving away is a part of life. Don’t be scared. I can do this. Have a positive attitude because many aren’t given the chance to go to college. I am benefitting myself, making myself better. Taking advantage of an opportunity I may never get again.


To study as hard and long as possible for finals. and to never ever take a class with Pat Browning that woman will ruin your GPA and she has idea what she's even talking about.


Thinking about college and the changes it will bring is scary but it's important to remember that change is usually a good thing. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind about your major or career choice because changing your mind is an indication of learning and becoming the person you want to be. Don't be afraid to check out clubs, take some classes outside of your area, or talk to new people. Change is nothing to fear. After all your friends will change, your plans will change and you will change but these changes will happen so gradually that you'll be ready for them and even welcome them when they do arrive. Just remember to give yourself time to adjust during the initial transition from high school to college; you don't have to get everything right on the first day and no one expects you to. There will be people to help you out if you get lost or lose the key to your dorm room, so don't feel like you're alone. The first few weeks will be nerve-racking and overwhelming at times but I promise that feeling will go away.


Dear Senior Caitlin, It is difficult being away from your nieces, brothers, sister, best friend, mom, and dad. This support group is amazing, but they will not always be just down the hallway; however, they are just a phone call or Skype call away. Never go a week without catching up with them! You start to feel out of the loop. You are a very intelligent person. Do not worry about your grades so much! In college, anywhere from a 93-100% is an A. There is no need to worry about it, simply make sure you study and you will do fine. There are tons of people on campus. There are people with whom you will get along well and those with whom you will not. Don't sweat it! Find the people you want to hang out with and you will be golden. Because it is college, you cannot be involved in everything. There will be difficult choices as to which activities to join. Only pick three. Any more than that and you will be an over-booked, over-stressed student! Also, working out is a great way to reduce your stress level. All my love, College Caitlin


College has been a crazy ride from the beginning till now. There is ups and downs but its all part of the experiance. Making the overall experiance good for you in the long run. When i was in highschool i was pretty shy i played sports and did some other things but i still couldn't get out of that shy rut. College excelled me socially. It pulled me out of my shell and helped me learn how to handle people new, old, ones you like and ones you can't stand. I joined a fraternity TKE and became an officer. This helped turn me into a leader and i developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Finally college has given me tools that will help me be succesfull in life. I recently transfered to Cleveland Chiropractic i'm finishing my bachelors degree here and then entering the DC program. I don't think i ever would have made it this far if it wasn't for my experiance at Wayne State College.


I have received educational experience from my college. I have not always enjoyed my professors lecture-type, but they are all knowledgable in their field. Since I am going into elementary education, I am always watching how my professors teach to learn the does and don'ts that I will use when teaching in my own classroom. I had to take online classes this semester because I had a baby, and all of my teachers were quite organized and easy to access when I needed help or had questions. I feel that the education teachers are mostly experts in their field and put a great amount of emphasis on how to succeed in our own field experiences. Education should be important to everyone, and no matter how long it may take to get that degree they should always keep pushing to better their own lives, as well as their present/future family's. Even though I will have to transfer to UNO next semester; I have still found some of my favorite teachers of all time at Wayne-and that will always be of value to me.


I'm majoring in elementary education and right now i'm enrolled in a children's literature class. I'm learning what kinds of books are appropriate for which age groups and when to use them. I've also learned that it is important to spark my future students imagination. I love looking back on my childhood and remembering games I used to play and books I would read. I am the oldest of three and I would always teach my brother and sister new games and read them books. I remember making them sit down at the kitchen table and fill out so called "assignments" that I would make. Ever since I've been young i've had a passion for teaching and I can't wait to become a teacher myself. My children's literature class is the first class i've taken that goes toward my major and it's my absolute favorite class. I can't wait to touch the lives of my future students.


I have made wonderful new friends and met new people during my college experience. I have also gained more knowledge on life and matured. Wayne State has made my college experience an enjoyable one. I love the small calss sizes and the atention i get from my teachers.


I have attended the Delta Montrose Technical College for the last 2 years. During that time, I was enrolled in and graduated from the Computer Aided AutoCad Drafting course. I took this class for several reasons. I wanted to figure out if engineering was the career for me and, if that was the case, get a head start on the learning process before going off to a 4 year university. I have been accepted to the Colorado School Of Mines engineering program as a result of my academic coursework, performance, and grades.


I have enjoyed my experience greatly so far. I am able to get involved on and off campus. The teachers care about you both in the classroom and out. The small town atmosphere is awesome and I love being known as a person not just another number both on campus and in the community. The education I have received so far i'm finding to be very benificial. I enjoy my small class size and the information i'm getting and how the teachers are presenting it. I would recomend this college to any high school student in the area and if Wayne State isn't right for them then I would at least encourage a college education.


I have gotten a lot from college. One thing is I have found out is I now know for sure I want to teach elementary. I have been in the classroom and learned several things to do and not to do as a teacher. I have made wonderful connections with my teachers, the community, and new friends. I have become more involved in different activities and service projects. My faith has grown stronger because of the programs on campus. As a result of all of these things, I have become a better person to myself and all who I have or will encounter in my life. I would not change one thing about my year at college. Even if the experience was bad, I have learned something from it.


I would tell myself that i was making the right choice, the atmosphere at the college is great. Your going to enjoy the college its going to feel like your home away from home. Wheny you first get there make sure to check your web cat right away.


I would work a lot harder then I did in high school. When I came to Wayne I worked really hard and kept all my grades up, but when I was in high shool I didn't care if I did go or not. I just wanted to have a fun senior year and not worry about school. If I could go back I would have applied for more scholarships when I had the chance. That is why I am doing it early this year so I can get more then I did last year.


After finishing high school in 2002, I started attending a community college in the local area. After one semester as a music major, I decided that it wasn't for me, and took a few years off to work full-time. In 2004, I got engaged, and my fiance was attending a college in another state. I moved out there to be closer to him, and found out there was a local college that had very low tuition costs. I decided to start attending again, with an accounting major, and found that I enjoyed it. During the time I was working, I learned many skills about life in general, such as money management, time management, responsibility, etc. Those skills are very useful now, and I believe that I did benefit from them, but I feel like I may have made a better decision by sticking with college right out of high school. So, if I could back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to stick with college, even if it doesn't seem like the right choice at the time.


Dear me, Here you are, in your senior year, wishing it was all over and believing you're ready to step into the world, into college. Granted, you're an "all-knowing senior", but I might be able tell you a few things you don't about college. College is one giant social network, but unless you take some chances and leave your comfort zone, instead of sitting in your dorm room playing 87 games of solitaire a day, you will never be a part of it. And while we are working on social skills, it wouldnt hurt to have a few conversations with your professors, especially when they are educators in your major. Having a name to go with a face will help you in ways you aren't aware of. Maybe the biggest transition is going from "parental trap" to "freedom riders". However, this freedom is followed around by a hidden shadow of responsibility, because now your mom isn't there to do your laundry, put gas in your car, and wake you up for your 8a.m. class. And likewise, your professors aren't going to hound you for homework. Don't let history repeat! Love, Myself


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a High School Senior, I would tell myself not to mess around and get done what I need to get done so I can pass all the classes and graduate. I would also tell myself that it's okay to move forward with your life and go to another state for College, in fact, it could work out for the best. I would also tell myself that you did great these four years of High School and college will be a time for fun and exciting changes in your life. It's fun to get out there and meet new people and make new friends. Your High School friends are friends from the present...Your College friends are your friends for life! The last thing I would tell my self is to fill out scholarships and grants ahead of time so you don't have a billion loans to pay back. That's what I would tell myself if I could go back.


My high school was an alternative school that was located at a local zoo, that had block scheduling, so when I came to college not much was a shock to me when it came to schedules, teachers speaking freely, and being able to go to the bathroom without raising my hand. I was however taken a back by the social aspect of college. So if I could tell my high school self something it would be to become more involved with a variety of groups, clubs, and activities. In college you can learn a lot in class, true, but sometimes you learn more important things by being around people in fields much like your own, or totally opposite. It could be a club, sport, study group, or something field related. Having an extracurricular activity on a college campus is basically a life support when you first come here. Being a little shy to enter anything at first, made my transition a little difficult, and that?s why I wish I would have been involved more my senior year in high school so I could quickly join something in college that I was interested in .


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself that when the teachers tell you in college you can't go without studying for tests and expect to pass, they're telling you the truth. In college tests are a majority of yore grade and there are not as much homework assignments given to give you those extra points. I would tell myself that teachers know that they're talking about when they say that college is not going to be the same as high school, you really will be on your own and the teachers don?t put up with and excuses. Saying that your dog ate your homework won?t work anymore, if you miss an assignment there are no make ups and late work is very rarely accepted. As far making the transition I would tell myself that at first it?s going to be hard being away from home but it?s the best thing for me in order to grow up and it?s the best thing I would ever experience.


With this ability I'd have to say that i'd be most inclined to tell myself that college isn't something to fear, but embrace. Though there are difficulties there are also unbelieveable joys that are life changing. Within all of these experiences are learning opportunities that you must take advantage of, never sit back and wonder, get involved and learn.


Develop better study habbits and apply myself more and apply for more scholarships.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about all of the ways that life changes when you go to college I would. I would have to tell myself to be as logical, patient and open minded. Logical because making decisions out of pure emotion can be ,well, a bad idea. take sometime befoer making the decision. Make a list if you have to! Patient because in college you typically share many things i.e. bathrooms, common areas, bedrooms, etc. Not everyone does things the way that you like them to or as efficiantly as you. Open minded because in school you meet a lot of different types of people from all over the country and world. You may find yourself surrounded by people whom you never anticipated being friends with. Be open minded to new customs, languages and lifestyles. All in all, make sure that whatever path you choose that it the right one for YOU.


I would tell myself to relax and always go with the flow, everything will work out. I would also tell myself to study, and stay on top of things. Studying and working out could possibly be the key factors in getting through college, so do both. It will all be fine and you'll fit in fine.


I would have taken more advanced classes then what I did. It would have helped my transitionnto upper college classes much easier.


I would tell myself not to worry so much about meeting friends and my classes. Professors will work with you to help you. Also I would get involved in as many things as possible right away. This is the way you meet people.


The most important thing would be "Don't be a hermit!" Go to all of the activities the school puts on and make friends. It sounds easier than it is but they're all in the same position as you are so whats stopping you. Follow you heart and do things that you enjoy. The classes are fun and exciting and you'll really love the school if you make an effort to be a part of it.


Pick how far you want to go away form home, and look at the schools in that area. Once you narrow down your chosies, look at which school looks to be the right for you. Visit the campuses and get a feel for the schools. Once you start school, make many new friends, even if you have a lot of old friends at the sames school. You learn that with the new friends, you can be some one that you arn't able to with the friends from high school. Let college be a place to reivent yourself to the image you want and not what some one made you be in high school.


I would advise students to make a list of everything that they are looking for in a school. Then they can sit down and make a chart to see what schools fit into the colleges that they have picked. When they get to the college they just need to be themselves. College is very different from high school so you need to be prepared for classes. Another thing that I would say would be to go to class, I have found that when you go to class you get better grades. Also, get plenty of sleep, but not too much, eat a good diet, not all the junk food, and don't go out and party every night. Most of all have fun.


I would advise that parents/students do a lot of research when searching for the right college. Colleges that are smaller tend to have a better teacher to student ratio and have a lot better student to teacher relationship. Colleges that are in smaller towns allow for students to get to know a lot more people better and encourages students to become better aquainted with their town and helps them to be able to get to the grocery store, gas stations, and activities a lot safer than if you were in a large town. I prefer a college close to my home town, so that when breaks come around you have somewhere to go when everyone else has gone home.


Research it and make sure you visit the school to make sure its a right fit. Make an appointment with a professor in the field your interested in or just any professor so you can get a feel for the school.


Finding the right college is one of the hardest decisions you will make. The main things to look at are: cost, programs in the school, size, and location. Having the right programs for your major is very important, after all that is why you are going to college. I feel that if you are a person who likes being in a friendly community, where you personally know almost everyone, a small college is definitely best. If you can't really afford an expensive college, then look at those that have great financial aid packages. Also if you want to be able to go home every now and again, make sure not to go too far away, the drive can be really boring. But I think that the best way to find the perfect college for you, is to visit the campus. Feeling at home on campus is one of the best ways to know you are making the right decision! You get to see for yourself the faces, and friendliness that comes with the academics you are going there for! With these things in mind you should have no problem finding your perfect school!


Go where you want to go not where someone else wants you to go.


If you know what you want to major in, try and find the schools in which have that degree field. If you want to stay close to home, start with the ones nearest you and work your way outwards. Don;t focus on just one school that you like the most because you might not get into it, you should alway keep an open mind on schools.


In my experiance, the college you choose has as much to do with the students around you as it does the professors and the facilities the school can offer you. Do not select your school on the sole basis of friendship. You will meet new people, have new friends, here at college, and sometimes cleaning the slate and adding completely new colors to your palette is the best way to do so. Professors are important, also. If they aren't anyone you would respect in a work environemnt or going to high school with as a peer, then you will have a hard time working with them on a daily or weekly basis. Personalities matter so much when you're first away from home. You should still Respect your Professors, reguardless, but it helps so much if you can identify with them on a level closer to your own. In a way, these people will have to be some of your best friends away from home.


When you look at colleges make sure you choose one that has opportunities for all, one that gives you freedom to let the choices you make shape you into the individual that you will be the rest of your life. A college where you can be involved with organizations and such is a great opportunity and one that will build lifetime relationships. College is a place to grow and learn academically and in all aspects of life. Don't hold back on choosing a college that will help you in that.


Pick a school where you feel at home when you first visit. Picture yourself there, and if you like what you see, go for it!