Wayne State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I enjoy Wayne State because it is small. I come from a town of 25,000 and I’m not a fan of large universities. I like Wayne State because it’s a small town, and is close to home. The class size is just right, with an estimated size of 25 students per class.


The people are the best part. I have met great friends and teammates and I would not choose a different school if I could go back and choose schools again.


Definitely the smaller size. I went to a small high school, so I wanted to attend a small college as well. The class sizes are small so the teachers remember who you and and recognize if you are struggling individually.


The campus is very friendly. The teachers are excellent and explain the material in a way that I can understand.


The small town feel, and all of the friendly people.


The small classes.


The size of the school. I enjoy only having 30 students or less because i feel like it gives me more of a chance to ask questions if i don't understand something.


I feel like there is a big opportunity for everyone to get involved. There are many organizations for people to choose from and since it is a small campus everyone can make an impact and play a role when they become involved in one.