Wayne State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Slowly turning Detroit around with the help of students spreading good things about the area.


Wayne State is a great school to give you a huge campus experience without actually being a "huge" campus.


My school is very diverse




Education at Wayne State University is just like any other school. If you are a science, a psychology, or an engineering major this school is for you because of all the research they have to offer. If you are anyone else, stir clear! This college is a business and their business is to keep or put you in debt!


Many different people from all walks of life, with one commom goal.


Wayne State is known for it's oldest building Old Maine, which is awesome bit really confusing all in one. It is the art building and has some really cool departments there. We have many different colleges all around campus (such as education, engineering, performing arts, liberal arts, law, ect.) The student center and UGL are at the center of campus. We also have staff buildings and small houses with staff in them. The dorms are more on one side of the campus and the apartments you can rent are all around campus. We have the DIA, Historical Museum, Bonstell Theatre, Hillberry Theatre and the Magestic all around campus. Greektown and Tigers stadium is also real close to home. We have a lot to offer here.


It is a very diverse school that has many different career opportunities.


Wayne State is very diverse in culture, and the class discussions are definitely worth participating in, because they broaden your perspective on life.


Wayne States a laid back yet prestigious and ambitious university that provides countless opportunities while breathing life back into the downtown Detroit area.


our school is my firend which give full knowlody.


Wayne State has a lot to offer and will remain a wonderful school to many students in the future.


Wayne State University is a great school to attend, it has great teachers and staff that are really passionate about what they are teaching. It is a really great place to be with so many different cultures and people.


My school is very small but has fun people.


My school is very diverse, and provides students with great opporutunities in their fields of study.


Located in the city of Detroit Michigan.


Wayne State University is urban, diverse, and challenging.


Wayne State University could best be described as ethnically unique with proportionately high numbers of diverse groups of people all working together on one campus, fulfilling the same goal of educational success while waiting for our next Blue Book exam.


Wayne State University is a school that attracts diverse students from different ethnic back grounds, which makes it very unique.


Wayne State is a diverse area in the heart of urban Detroit that offers students the ability to work side by side with the top ranking professionals in their field, and also gives students the oppertunity to learn in a multicultural environment.


Wayne State University is the Definition of "Accomplishment".


Wayne State is a nice school, very culturally diverse and easily accessible to grocery stores, bus lines, etc.


Waybe State Unviersity is a very large school and most of the professors do not care if you pass or fail.


A little-big school in a very ethnicly as well as socio-ecomic diverse city.


Wayne State University is challenging.


A nice school in an urban setting.


Wayne State University is an ethnically diverse, fun, and academically challenging.


WSU is a culturally diverse school where students aspire to be the best and succeed.


WSU is a career focused university with an older student body.


A research university with a world-class education.


Although it is a boring, non-traditional campus that lacks school spirit and social activities, it is also an extremely liberal and diverse campus, with an extremely open-minded atmosphere, and has excellent faculty, and the quality of education is phenomenal.


Wayne State is a known world wide for its research facilities and academic excellence in the real world


Urban pile of seepy garbage


My school is open-minded, career-focused, cultivating, artistic, and located in a metropolitan area.




wayne state is a very diverse and involved school. The clubs here are very enthusiastic and are always welcoming new members. Although currently the financial aid dept isnt exactly my favorite they have been always there to answer any questions I may have. The tuition is also very high here. I am currently enrolled full time taking 13 credits and a semester is costing me $4200.