Wayne State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates were serious adults working towards a goal, no one was there to waste time or money.


Many are close minded and unable to adjust to change.


My classemates are willing to help others.


Some are friendly once they warm up to you. Just like anywhere else I suppose. The lectures consist of hundereds of students so, you wont have much luck finding a friend. I've found that it was easier in my smaller classes to make friends.






In engineering, the students are willing to help others although competitive. If you become friends and form study groups it usually works out much better for you in how well you do in your classes.


My classmates are very helpful and involved.


The students at Wayne State are pretty diverse, and encompass people with ethnicities from all over the world. Most students wear casual clothing and a some even dress up with heels and dresses. It seems like there are students from all different types of socio-economic backgrounds and a lot of them seem to hang out with other students with similar backgrounds. I would say that middle class seems to be the most prevelant. Its also pretty obvious that a lot of students are politically active especially those that are a part of on-campus student activities and are always at tables asking people to join a cause. There are also a lot of different religious students mostly Christian and Muslim and everyone seems to respect eachothers beliefs and are non-judgemental.


The students at Wayne State are cool. The University is diverse so you see a lot of different races and ethnic backgrounds around campus.


Students at my school come from many walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and cities. There is no student that should feel out of place at Wayne, because you will most definitely meet someone just like yourself here. In class students wear what every they choose to wear; since this isn't a private school there isn't really a subjugation on dress or attire. I would say most students are either from the suburbs and the city of Detroit itself. Also, the students who are there to go on to later professional degrees or graduate school are the students who are politically aware. Also are the students who are in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College!


As I touched on in a previous question, Wayne State is very diverse and open. Many different cultures come together at Wayne and unite together. It's very interesting emmersing myself into si much diversity.


Wayne State is a very diverse school with students from many different ethnic backgrounds. People are mostly from middle class backgrounds and most are also from the Metro Detroit area. Some students there are very friendly while others are not so much.


The students at wayne are very friendly, there is a very diverse environment at wayne and wear what makes them feel comfortable. I think most students are local but then again there are a lot of diverse places.


The students at my school seem to only want a good grade even if it means not learning anything. That may be the majority but there are many that do want to learn and end up with high marks while doing so.


Students are so friendly and sociable!


At Wayne State University, you find a huge amount of diversity amongst students. Several different races can be found, as well as students coming from different economic standards. The rich and the poor both attend a lecture containing about four hundred students, and together they will study, since studying in a group is highly encouraged from professors at our university. Most students do not discuss their political affiliations and you remain unaware of them, unless asked. There are organizations that students may join who are interested in politics, but they are very few. Most students finance their own college expenses or pay for college by financial aid.


My classmates at Wayne State are diverse, all different backgrounds, ethnic groups, races, etc.


All of my classmates are nice and interesting. Well some can be annoying, but for the most part everyone is friendly.


My classmates are really friendly and willing to helpout one another.


Everyone kept to themselves.


My classmates are diverse in ethnicity, race, religion, academics, age, demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Like any college I believe that classmates can be really fun and helpful once you talk to them and get to know them. Talk to them and they will talk to you and be really nice.


They come from different backgrouds and families. One thing we have in common, we want to get a college degree.


They are there to learn as well and you guys can learn a ton from eachother so lern togther to broaden your minds.


My classmates are very diverse and cultured.


Most of my classmates are of middle-eastern and african american desent.


There are a lot of amazing and intelligent peole. There are some who really are commited and are there to be there and get an education and others who are just there to have good time. It is great to see so many cultures and ethinicities come together and hear their views on the subjects. It is way different than high school. Most people are here to get educated and to succeed in a career and that makes it even better to be around them because they really care.


My classmates are very diverse, but pleasant.


Everyone is busy with their own lives. goal oriented and responsible adult.


Classmates are very helpful.


My classmates are fun and diverse.


My classmates are diligent and very acafamedically-based.




The classmates are generally pretty nice, and will help you if you ask. It is mainly a commuting school so most of the people you see like once and then never again. It is a nice atmosphere though.


Wayne State University is a very diverse campus with many different races, backgrounds, ages, and social groups. Everyone on campus gets along very well.


My classmates can be described as being different. Every time I take a new class, I meet a new type of person/people


They are diverse.


My classmates are very driven and nice


My classmate are very friendly and willing to help.


We have a very diverse student body here and I love it. For the most part, though there are exceptions, the students are genuinely interested in furthering their education and making sure their experience is the best possible.


My classmates are a very diverse group of students.


My classmates are very willing to help with whatever needed to help me succeed.


My classmates come from diverse backgrounds and cultures


My classmates seem to be very diverse and engaged.


My classmates are ethnically diverse, liberal, welcoming, friendly, and artistic.


My Classmates love Social Work, provide diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.