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Describe a typical weekend.

Well since I don't live on campus I don't have a lot of knowledge on weekends in the D. But usually there is a party or something going on either Friday or Saturday night and the rest of it is pretty chill. Homework, hanging out with friends, simple stuff like that from my expierence being there. Clubs are open too, along with Coaches, which a lot of people go to thrusday night. We do alsp have Thrusday's in the D, with a bunch of different activites for WSU students to do with your Onecard! Those can be really fun.

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Weekends at WSU are very quiet. Most students who live on campus go home. I however, go home once a month. So what do I do on the weekends you might ask. It is a great time to sleep in, since the cafeteria doesn't open until 10am. It also is an excellent time to get some studying accomplished. I used to go with a group of people on Sunday evening to a restaurant in some part of Detroit, that is until it got cold and dark really quick. There are also football games, volleyball games, etc. to go to on the weekends.

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