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Describe the dorms.

Since I am a driver to school I don't have too much information on the dorms, but I have slept in them many times before. In my oppinion they are nice. The actual dorm you get can be a single to a quad, and the rooms are pretty spacious. They have a bathroom in them, so you dont have to go down the hall to shower, which I think is nice. They can get kind of crowded with two people, but as long as you have a sensable roommate it isn't so bad at all. The one thing about dorms is the fire alarm does get pulled about 4 times a year and usually early in the morning. Many people hate that the most about them. The dorms also are very strict on how many people can spend the night. As a resident you only get 6 over night visitors a month and as long as you have some sort of ID, you get a print out paper with your name saying its okay to be in the buildings. IF you are looking into dorms, I would suggest looking for an apartment, they tend to be cheaper.

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I don't live on campus so I don't know how the dorms look like but heard they are big.

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