Wayne State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have received nothing but benefits from attending college. I get respect from my peers, my family members and the community. Little children look up to me and wish to continue their education beyond high school. Many adults appreciate my two years of college experience and want for me to tutor their children. The respect and admiration from people who matter in my life is what keeps me going. I am very proud of my education because I am only the second person in my family to attend a four year college. It has been valuable to attend college because I feel that it is the only way I can become a successful career woman in the future. College has given me an opportunity to serve as an example to those who are striving to succeed. Along with receiving higher education I am also learning lifelong lessons by meeting people of all cultures, personalities and social status. The value of education has been stressed in my family ever since I was a child and now that the opportunity is available to me I will do everything in my power to take advantage of it, and become a better human being.


I have enjoyed my return to college. I was accepted into a State University, but decided to attend a 2 year college instead due to my financial situation. I love the school that I attend. The teachers are great and don't hesistate with one-on-one time with the students. I have been able to make friends (most whom are much younger than myself), and get to experience the anxious feeling I get right before my test is handed back, and the feeling of accomplishment when I see that I have done well. I am looking forward to the next few years, and cannot wait to become a nurse. I will finally feel that I am contributing to society, and doing something that I enjoy. I am very proud of myself for going back to school and do not regret anything. I am doing my best and making those grades, and have gotten myself on the right track to success!


So far, my college experience has provided me not only with a dose of reality, but also with sense of serenity. Leaving home to attend an out-of-state college has helped me find myself and in addition made me want to be a better person. I am now more involved socially and more aware of things that surround me and affect me daily. My experience has taught me things beyond academics, it has forced me to grow up and pay attention. My time management has also improved since I started college, I have learned that living on my own requires being responsible and accountable for my own actions. College also made me come to the concensus that I did NOT know how to study or take notes. Above all, in as few words as I can possibly manage, college has changed me for the better. It has matured me and I am preparing myself now for life after college. I am no longer intimidated by my classes or hardwork. I anticipate moving on after graduation to pursue a degree of higher education and make a difference in young childrens lives so that they may reach beyond their potential.


During my college experience I have learned so much that I didn't learn in high school. I feel so honored to be able to attend college because some people don't realize how important college really is. I am attending college to be a Social Worker and I believe that knowing that I will make a difference in someones life is the most valuable thing.


I have gotten a quality education at a more affordable rate than many other colleges. Attending Wayne State has shown me diversity and a greater sense of belonging. I feel like attending has made me more ready for the real world.


So far I have gotten a valuble learning experience out fo my school, with many more to come. The people I have met have been joyful and seemed happy to be in the classroom also.


Honestly, from my college experience I believe that ive changed so positively as a person. For example, when I began college I was so irresponsible with my money and so dependent on my mom that I couldnt even think for myself. By college being somewhat like the real world the freedom of being away from home hit me hard which forced me to grow up. Staying on campus was really fun but through my failure in classes I had to learn that its ok to have fun but be responsible and get on your job and do what you came to college for. My college experience along with staying on campus was truly amazing, but the most valuable things ive learned from college was not how to binge drink or smoke from a bong but how to deal with the real world without mommy and daddy and to grow up on my own. My college experience taught me how to become more diverse and how to handle myself in every possible situation. My college experience has taught me how to be successful and live.


I have gotten a lot of knowledge about what to do and what not to do in being a music teacher. It will allow me to do the thing I need to do to be successful in my dream to help kids through music.


Besides the courses I've taken, my college experience has made a tremendous impact on my life. College has helped me learn who I really am and what I want to do with my life. My high school was made up of about 98% of one ethnic group and 2% of another. College introduced me to people from all over the world. The diversity has truly been amazing and has given me exposure to various cultures. I could have chosen any other college to attend, but I don't regret my decision to be where I am. America as the "Melting Pot" is shown very evident here and it makes this school very special to me. The unique friendships I've made in college are priceless and wouldn't have been possible just anywhere.


I have had the opportunity to meet many people from differing backgrounds and it has shaped the person that I am today


Throughout my life and my journey through school, I have prepared and dreamed of one moment; this moment, right here, right now. Going to college is my one and only priority. One of the things that college has taught me so far is how to manage my money. Living the college life is no where near free, so if your money is not managed right, you could end up in more debt than you thought possible. Another thing I learned from my college experience thus far is independence! In college, you dont have teachers giving you detention for missed classwork or favortism because your the teachers pet. You have to learn how to study and work hard on your own. There is a lot of room for mistakes and errors but there is a lot of room for growing and learning too. This whole experience has been so valuable to me because college has helped me change and become a more responsible young adult. These lessons are life long lessons and will be with me until the end of time. I can only hope that most college students feel the same as I do and realize what they have.


I did not get much out of my college experience unfortunately. The professors expected the minimum. Also, the campus was depressing to be at. There was some interesting people I met. But for the most part, going to school at Wayne State in Detroit is something I regret.


I had gotten so many things from our coollege experience such as I am giving good health service for our country and as well Iprotected my self from so many bad things. The reason to be attend is in order to give good health servic for petints.


So far my college experience has been great. I have learned so many responsibilities while attending. First of all I learned how to manage a checking account; you have to learn about money because of the costs of college. Second, I learned about studying and going to all my class meetings; I learned the most efficient ways of studying and passing my exams. Third , I learned about myself and what I wanted to persuit in life. What I found was that, according to my background, I truly want to be a social worker. I look back at my life and really think about everything I went through and have learned. I was in and out of foster care from age 11. My mom was a single mom raising 5 children on her own. So I have learned a lot about my social workers, one of which told me I should think about social work. I have been in 5 foster homes and learned that a couple of the families were not the greatest foster parents. What I want to do is help eliminate back foster parenting by helping foster parents and children. That is why college was important to me.


Awareness of what sets you apart from other people helps you become a more interesting and well rounded person. There are certain elements of life that anyone has the ability to expand but can overlook. I feel that these characteristics are education, focus, and attention to detail and I've gained them all from being accepted to Wayne State University. Through a lens, a photographer focuses and captures what they find uniquely appealing. They focus on what they find beautiful and get critique from a world with opinions. Students focus on their subjects and receive opinions on their world. Education is a plateau a person can leap off and land into their heaven or hell. Like focus, education helps us capture what we find uniquely appealing. It is human nature to want what we don?t have and crave more out of life, so we have to pursue our dreams. Details are the components of life that set everyday apart from the rest. To live everyday without paying attention to the small differences could drive a person crazy. If a student never comes to realize and pursue their passion they may be trapped in a world without focus and education.


I have learned how to make a complete set of Residential and Commercial Blue prints by learning the newest Auto Cad programs. Now I am able to complete a percise set of blue prints occording to OSHA standards and all state laws. I have chosen this field to provide everyone with better homes, for families accross the United States. I have also learned through the Architectural field mechanical drafting, electrical drafting, and are newest environmental. Now that I have the experience i'm interested in Industrial Engineering because i can adapt into all the fields of engineering and have been accepted to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. My college experience has instrumental value not just for me but to everyone. Can you immagine a home or a work place that is so energy efficient it would only cost 1/4th of your energy bill. That would be huge and also protecting the enviroment with little to no pollution.


My school expierience has been lined with adversity, challenges, and setbacks. Being unable to hear, and unable to manage my emotions due to mental illness has affected me tremendously. Life was always harder than it had to be. I crawled through West Bloomfield High School until my hands were worn and tired. I jumped between Community Colleges to wind up at Wayne State University seven years later. I graduated by walking through the program, the days of crawling behind me, and somehow everything changed. Somewhere along the way, I became confident, self-sufficient, and successful.


My college experience is great. I have learned that your professors are there for one thing. They are there to help you get the education that you need to achieve your goals. In high school your teachers tend to become friends with you. During my experience at Wayne County Community College, some professors were the same way. I believe that was due to the smaller class sizes that allowed them to interact with each student individually. From my college experience, I have also realized the importance of getting an education. Without an education it is have to be financially stable. Many people are living from pay check to pay check due them not being able to make enough money to survive. If we continue to educate ourselves we will obtain degrees and be able to get into careers that will allow us to become financially stable. Knowing that there are greater things to come is the reason that I value my education. Education is the key to success.


For my college experience I've been able to get my teaching degree. I've been fortunate to be able to get subbing jobs, because of my degree. Unfortunately with the economy the way it is today landing a full time job is difficult to do. With the experience of substitute teaching it has made me work harder for what I'd like to do and continue my education.


It has taught me to become more independent. Take life seriously because whatever you want you have to work for it. It's exciting to meet new people from all around the world. Focus more and become the best at whatever you endure.


That you must be willing and open to new beginnings.


I would tell myself to prepare more. I knew college would be different, but it was a major transition for me. I was not used to being away from home and basically taking care of myself. I would have also told myself to focus more on my academics. I slacked off in high school, and then tried to raise my GPA at the last minute. If I had a higher GPA I feel that I would have qualified for more scholarships and grants.


Never listen to others' opinions about the university you plan to attend. This is something you have to figure out on your own. Do not take classes that fit around your schedule, rather, take classes that have good professors who challenge you. Talk to different advisors about requirements and career choices because they don't know your needs, only you do. Take advantage of all the free events on campus and volunteer and research opportunities. Get to know people from different backgrounds because once you leave college, you will never have the same opportunity to learn so much. Argue with students that have opposing views and understand their presented perspective. Post books on craigslist and search for textbooks to purchase on the website to avoid overpriced books. Keep an open mind. Be yourself. Be true to yourself and you never know where the path will lead you.


Love people and learn from their endeavors and ideas. I always considered myself an open-minded person. However, I also 'knew? that I knew it all. One could say I had this sense of overconfidence. Coming out of high school with an excellent academic resume and what I had thought to be a great deal of cultural exposure did not give me that extra ?edge? that I hoped for. In the end, I was actually at a disadvantage and was not as open-minded as I had thought. The disadvantaged situation that I had created for myself, through improper preparation, created a long road ahead on how to truly learn from others. I had to change around my whole mind set, which was hard to accomplish, because all along I had thought I was indubitably open to any experience the new college life threw at me. So that would be the advice I would give to myself: Let your guard down to learning from other people and cultures. You are NOT as life-experienced as you think. Learn to love and appreciate others around you that are different, for what you learn from them could be the treasures of life.


Amber, keep the mindset that has two reflections one-part reflection on the past and another part that anticipates the future. Yes, you may feel change, you may feel some sort of difference but in reality, it's just life, growth and change however you are just still you. It can be difficult sometimes to accept change but there?s nothing better than looking back and realizing that you've accomplished something or grown in ways you always hoped you would. Continue to work hard to accomplish all the things that you said you would. There will be many struggles and hurdles that you will have to endure, and yes you will fall but stand up tall and come back for more. You are and always will be daddy's little girl. Become the woman that you once sought out to be and reach for the stars even if you land on the clouds because I know you have tried your best. Life is an awfully big adventure and sometimes full of surprises. Just think, the life you always wanted to live is waiting and anticipating your arrival.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to go to a local two year college in order to save some money for the university. I had hoped for a swimming scholarship, but I was injured during my senior year in high school, and did not do as well as I could have, preventing me from being able to obtain a scholarhip. I would tell myself that Wayne State is a great university, but many of your high school friends will transfer out of it and attend universities that have more parties. I would tell myself to keep my mind focused on studying and ensuring a good career. I would tell myself not to worry so much about going to parties and trying to meet girls. Instead, I should work in my free time so that I may continue to pay my tuition. Also, my parents are going to have extreme financial issues in the coming years. So I would tell myself to save my money, because I will be giving them thousands of dollars of my own money to help pay the bills. Most importantly, I would tell myself that it will all be worth it.


If I were to go back in time and see myself when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself a few things. I would first say to start gathering more study skills so I would be prepared when I started college. I would also tell myself to be open to new experiences because that way you can make a lot of new friends that will be there to help you with school or be there to talk to about whatever is going on in your personal life. The last thing I would tell myself is to just breathe and relax; everything is going to work out. Be patient and have fun while you can and enjoy college, it does not have to be a burden, it can be fun while helping you towards your goals of success.


I would tell myself to apply more often for scholarships and other financial aid, so that I wouldn't have to balance a full time job with college. If I could alleviate the financial burden on me, I feel that I could have a much higher GPA throughout college. I would also tell myself to start going to the gym much sooner than I actually did, as I later found it to be a great stress reliever. I might tell my high school senior self to take fewer credit hours each semester (a normal amount compared to other students), and take summer courses instead to get ahead.


Camille Williams 1/26/10 Advice about College If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would give myself many advices. When I was a high school student, I expected college to be hard, making new friends would be difficult, living on campus and taking care of me would be hard to get use to. When I started college, it wasn?t what I expected. Here are some advices I give myself. My first advice is to don?t think college is going to be hard where you can?t do it. I thought since I wasn?t really prepare for college, doesn?t mean I can get help. There are so many resources on campus to help you in your classes. Next, having a social life is easy. Join many organizations on campus where you can get to know and meeting new people. Joining organizations will help you make new friends. Next advice, take one day at a time, living on campus is a great experiences and it is easy to get use to. It would be like a home away from home. My final advice is to have fun!


If I could go back in time I would be sure to enforce the fact that college is serious. It's a place that can broaden your whole mindset and give you a world of opportunities for your life. I would remind myself that it is a privelege to go to college and that that privelege should be taken advantage of. It's so important to always put your best into classes, homework, etc. Even though there may be times that you don't want to, it has to be kept in mind that what comes in the end will be worth all of the hardwork. I would tell myself to set a goal and to stick to it, and to try my hardest not to get distracted by anything!


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, I woud advise my self to choose my major while I am still a senior.


Do not skip class just because you feel like it because it will come back and haunt you later on. Learn to pay attention even if you are not interested in the subject because your future depends on it. Make sure to make alot of good friends at school because they will help you get through tough times and help keep your head on right if you need to socialize. Have fun wih growing up yet learn to becoe more responsible. And last would be to not spend money if you don't have to because saving money for school keep you out of more debt.


First I would tell myself, that I need to learn how to study, and obtain well study habits for college. Also, I would have pushed myself harder in school and sports. Furthermore, I would tell myself to enjoy High School. College is a big transition, and it would be easier if i would have been more outgoing, and involved in high school.


I can only speak on how i could imagin college life would be concidering that i never been. I would tell my self to always be attentive. Have fun but not to the point ware it would interfear with your studying. This will be a place ware you may find your self so be open to knew ideas .


One piece of advice I would give myself as a highschool senior would be....TONE THOSE CALF MUSCLES. You do a lot of walking in college! I would be on the treadmill every day making sure I had the legs of a horse to make sure I got to all my classes on time.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior high school I would remind myself that in college there are so many things to get involved in and there is so much freedom; however, I need to remember what my goal is and to stay focused. If staying on campus I need to be able to adjust to sharing living space with others considering that I'm coming from a home where I have a room to myself. As always I would remember that I need to choose wisely the people that I plan to associate myself with because I wouldn't want to get a bad reputation by hanging with the wrong crowd. Lastly, I have to take my education into my own hands because even if I don't focus the professors get paid so why not get the most for what I pay for.


Is it not obvious that many wish they could go back in time to tell themselves to work harder so they could be in a better position than they presently are? Even though I've made the Dean's list every semester so far, I am still one of those people. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not be over confident. I graduated eighth in my high school class, so I had no reason to expect difficulties my first year of college. Indeed, I had even taken the high-school version of my first semester college math class, so I was expecting it to be easy. Much to my surprise, I received a 1/20 on my first quiz, and found that I had to attend my teacher's office hours, just about every week. Fortunately, I was able to earn a B in that class, and that is the lowest grade I've ever received in college. In short, I would tell myself that the key to succeeding in college is the ability to adapt quickly, and not hesitate to seek help when needed.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself all that I've learned about college. There has been so much that I've learned from my first day in class to where I'm at today. I've had to learn the hard way with many things because I was on my own. No one in my family had ever gone to college so they were learning with me. I would tell myself what I've learned so I wouldn't have to figure out the hard way.


If I could go back in time and change a few things my senior year in order to make the transition into college easier I would probably tell myself to get more informed about things. There are so many opportunities in college and so many oraganizations to join. College life is very different and I had to make a lot of changes to my routines. I would tell myself to not fall behind because the courses go by so fast and that makes it really difficult to catch up later on. Being organized and timing everything is also very important when it comes to college. If there are ten things due in one it is very important to work something out and schedule when to do those things and do not have to stay up late and cram everything in one day. Learn to manage time because it keeps going and does not wait for anybody.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school and give myself some advice I would tell myself to enroll in a math class so that math could be fresh on my mind that way I would not have had to take two remedial math courses. I would also tell myself to search for scholarships to help pay for my tuition. I would also tell myself to take college seriously and that high grade point averages are very important. I was a procrastinator in high school and I would advise myself to break the bad habit now. Finally, I would tell myself to study hard and take advantage of volunteer activities. If I had someone to tell me this while I was in high school I would be in a better predicament and I would be ready for job internships and I would not have to worry about paying an college loans back.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advice myself to do all of the work in college. Don't be a slacker or a procrastinator. Procrastination will not get you far in college. In order to be a good student, you have to motivate yourself and really want to do the work to get the good grade that You need to be successful. I definitely would advice myself to just take it day by day, and page by page. College can be done, and be done successfully. Don't get overwhelmed, just stay calm and do the work necessary!


I would tell myself to stay on track. College life is a very exciting experience well you meet life long friends and you start to find out who you are. But, college classes are nothing like high school classes and there is no such thing as catching up (not saying its not possible though). Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need. The reason is that their are many advisors and tutors who like to see you succeed. Nobody wants to see you drop out or fail in college. Lastly you are in college for one reason and that is to pass your classes so you can get closer to your goal. Everything else in college is secondary and will always be there so your really not missing out on anything. That is the advice I would give myself since I had to learn all of it the hard way, which makes my advice the best to give since I've been down the hole.


Work and save money for college. do lots of research on career and practical college major. Talk to students already majoring in my choice of major. of course, take education and learning very seriously when in high school which i did and now its paying off. make practical outline of classes for first semester and every semesters to come so i don't end up taking classes that i can take later when i get into the program instead of wasting time before getting into the program and discouraging myself from what i want or fall into depression or end up needing alot more money than i can afford. college life is tough and endlessly long so be prepared money wise and practice patience.


I would: 1. Tell myself to manage my time better. 2. Save money up for my books. 3. have better studying habits. 4. Hang around positive people that can influence you in a good way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would mention getting invovled. With my job it is very difficult to find time to be involved in activities, clubs, sports, or any other group thing at my school. However, I feel as though I am not involved enough to satisfy myself. I would tell me to join a club or volunteer with groups at my school because that is the only way to truely enjoy the college experience.


If I was to go back and help myself as a senior, I would say go out and get a job. I wouls also say study more because that is what college life is all about. Its your senior year and you had 3 yeras to have fun, now it's time to crack down and focus on school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to learn study habbits. All throughout school I never studied as hard as I should've. This didn't effect my grades at all because I stayed on the honor roll through all my years in school. I even recieved a 4.3 on one of my report cards during my senior year in high school. Whenever I studied for something I did worse than when I didn't study. My motto was, "Study long, study wrong". All of this changed when I got to college. I learned that I needed to teach myself good study habbits because college was a new experience, therefore time to learn new habbits.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to work harder to earn a higher GPA because of the amount of scholarship money that is avalabil to students. I would tell myself to think carefully about the decisions to apply to different schools including Wayne State and other universities and colleges in state. I would let my younger self know that campus life is really what you make it and that it is possible to be involved if you stay off campus. Finally I would tell myself to allow the first year to be the year you find your major then declaring a major the second year, instead of declaring a major only to change it two years later.


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Wayne State is very similar to high school in a sense that you have a very similar amount of responsibility as you did as a senior. The work load is pretty heavy though. Spending time daily reviewing and studying for each class is highly reccomended because it is really easy to get behind in certain classes. I would never advise anyone to purchase books from book stores around campus but to search websites such as abebooks.com. You'll save lots of money this way. Visit counselors and people in your desired field of work often to make sure you are on the right track and avoid any setbacks. Never give yourself to many classes, especially if you plan to work a job as well as go to school. Even a part-time job can intertere with your school work if you have 4 or more classes. Never be afraid to ask for help, this is a very big school and its easy to be overlooked so make youself known and most of the time, professors are willing to give help to those who ask.

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