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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Begin and continue school at a community college as long as your degree will allow. I am a nursing student with a $100,00.00 bill. The students in a nearby community college are getting an RN vs. my BSN at half the cost I have. They also are starting work after receiving their degree at the same pay rate. Some of the teachers that teach at the community colleges teach at my Unversity as well so the learning experience is equal. I know because I attended a community college and chose this University for my nursing degree instead of the community college. Some hospitals for health career students help pay for additional schooling if desired and I believe other businesses do as well. So you can further your career after you get your foot in the door and save a bundle. Good luck.


I would say find the best college you can get accepted to


The best advice I can give is to do your research. Its ok to be picky, because you will be in that enviornment for at least four years. Visit the Colleges and Universities that you have interest in and try and make a very Productive decision, not a popular one. That decision will determine your future and effect the rest of your life. Remember to study hard and dont be afraid to have a little fun* ;)


I would say to follow your heart when picking out a college. Go check out the camous before filling out the application. If the vibe of the campus doesn't feel right, then don't apply. Nothing is worse then spending thousands of dollars on a place that you may end up hating.

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