Wayne State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are widely-varied but not as diverse as you may think. It really is ridiculous how just because they refuse to override a simple less-than-highschool math class because they want more money from a dedicated student. They truly are selfish when it comes to having a waste of time/money gaining class course list.


This school is great so far I have enjoyed almost every Teacher that I have had. There is a great diversity in both age and etnicity amongst the staff. I have found that the younger Teachers are more casual and try to relate more to the students. With most smaller classes, class participation is encouraged and part of the daily routine. It seems that a lot of students do not study as much as they should until right before the Exams. I believe once I get into my program that the classes are more geared toward getting a job and gaining experience but the pre-requisites seem to be more learning for its own sake. One of my favorite classes so far have been my ENG 3010, this is because it was a Pilot class and the department was testing out a new class format. It was so much better than just a simple English class, we were geared towards researching our own career interests, going out and doing interviews and observations and coming up with our own research questions. The teacher was amazing and reviewed at least two drafts before we would turn in a final. Altogether, the education recieved at Wayne State is valuable and the Teachers are good at their job.


From the classes I have taken so far, I liked Communication and Psychology the best. The academics requirements are fair. You have to have a C- or better to pass the class. They offer study abroad so can travel overseas and further your education there which is nice. I am taking my prerequisite classes right now which are going smooth so far.


The academic portion of my class is very enriching. My favorite classes are the ones that are revolded around my major, Elementary Education. Many people I meet in those classes are life long friends. We even have intelligent conversations and study groups outside of school.


Many classes at Wayne State are large. General classes for pre-health students have typically 500 people in them. However, the professor still manages to teach the class in a reasonable way that students understand. However professors do not really know you in these large classes so you have to go to their office hours to talk to them. It is a rigorous science curriculum, so students must study to do well in their classes.


The academics at Wayne are good, I think my favorite class at Wayne is definitely math just because the teacher is amazing. The students study a lot at Wayne. The education is geared at getting a job and learning. I think the schools academic requirements are fair.


Not that impressive in terms of the average enterance GPA from High School. But my school does offer many graduate programs such as a Law school, Medical school, Business school, Pharmacy school, a Physician Assistant program and many more.


The best professors I have even encoutered!!


The professors at Wayne State University have earned their spots. They are highly educated, most of which have earned their ph.D in the sciences. This does come with high expectations from students though. Professors treat you like you deserve to be treated, as a university student. The classes do vary in size.. Some contain as little as 20 students, while others contain up to 500. Despite the class size, every professor is required to hold office hours. If the office hours do not work for a student, they may set up an appointment with their professor via email or they can call their office phone as well.


Wayne State University is one of the best learning experiences one can ask for. Wayne State University provides a real life learning experience unlike any others. Because Wayne State is located in an urban city with a rich history, it has alot of extracurricular activites that can be a great learning experience. Likewise Wayne State University has a beautiful campus located in mid-town detroit, which is surrounded by an art museum, a history museum, and a host of businesses unique to detroit such as the Karmonos eye Institues which can, and sometimes is utalized as a source for learning.