Wayne State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Most of the time student meet to study


The most popular groups are Greek Life and Residential Advisory groups. As I am in Greek Life, I understand the other sororities and fraternities and we all participate in on-campus events top promote different philanthropies and benefit the community where as the residential advisors are the main ones usually on campus attempting to keep everyone in check in the housing community.


The most popular student activities/groups around is the sororities and fraternities. The most that I see on campus is the AKA's, Sigma's and Iotas. You have college night on Thursdays which is hosted by the Sigmas. There is always some type of party or event going on during the week and the weekend so you will never get bored on campus.


The most popular groups at WSU are mostly the sororities and the fraternities. There is always a fundraiser or bake sale taking place in the Student Center. They really like to get people involved in their activities.


Most of the organizations deal with volunteer opportunities to help Detroit. I am not that familiar with the fraternities/sororities but do know that they exist at the school. Some organizations are unproductive while others are really involved in the community.


A popular group in my school is the American Medical Student Association. Many people seem to want to go to Medical school since Wayne State has a big medical campus.


Honors groups are the best!


The organizations with the most members are those that are pre-health oriented, especially medical societies. Also, there are a plentiful amount of groups that raise awareness for health conditions or global issues. There are so many organizations on campus, I assure you you will find one that matches your interests. If you don't, starting a new organization is pretty easy, and you can get new members to join by advertising for it, especially during welcome week. Athletics are very popular as well, Wayne State University has made it to the playoffs this year and they are doing really well. Go Warriors!!


Football. football is very popular around here. also volleyball during free time.


Wayne State has an annual concert that it puts on every year. The annual mad anthony concert is a great concert with artists selected by the students perform. Likewise many celebrities and politicians are invited to the campus to speak and interact through Q & A sessions with students.