Wayne State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That I can take my classes without heading downtown, which makes it a lot easier on me.


I brag most about the location. There are plenty of things to do, see, and experience.


I brag about how much I learned, the high quality of expectations by the professors and courses were very benefical.


I don't really brag about it.


We are located in downtown Detroit! My apartment in walking distance from Comerica Park!


Small class sizes and the ability to build good relationships with professors. Everyone is very friendly here.


One thing in which I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is that fact that not only does it have a clean and beautiful campus, but Wayne State University has a Medical School that has been around since the year 1868! In my opinion, that is amazing, I want to learn from a school that has been there since basic medical concepts were still being discovered. It's like taking advice from someone that's been alive for more than 100 years!


My school's medical school program accepts more students than any other medical school in the country.


I brag about how cheap the tuition is for the school as well as the education given at the school. Basically its cheaper than their school but with the same or even better education.


When I brag about my school I speak of the gowth within the last ten years of the University's existence. I can also brag about the school spirit in which most students take pride in. There is also a lot of student activities, concerts, and the recreation departments. It's just a wonderful college environment and an even greater place for your college experience.


I do not brag about much. IT is the same as other universities bascially. THe thing the most sticks out i would have to say sis the cultural diversity. There is people from so many different countires, and different races. Also there is an Honors College which gets alot of recognition and that is something to brag about.


People from different backgrounds and cultures hang out together


Not very expensive, close to home,


The school is great. Lots of support from positive people.


It was a rigous program. The professors are working in their field of expertise in addition to teaching at Wayne Steate Univeristy. The Nursing program at Wayne is well known and respected by local hospitals and health care facilities.


I say that it's in Detroit -- a city with so many positive things to do . Also with all the diversity, you never have to feel like an outsider, no matter who you are.


Very good medical professional programs


I mostly brag about my specific academic program (mortuary science) since Wayne State has one of the best bachelor programs in this field in the country. I also brag on it's location because I love the fact that we are located in the heart of an urban city.


That it is very highly respected in the research field especially in the medical area.


I attend a school that is famous for its medical schools and its excellence in arts.


Wayne State University has one of the top business schools in the state of Michigan.


I brag about being so close to downtown area like The Fox Theatre and Motown.


I do not brag about the school. I do otherwise by telling them that some of teh teachers are very bad.


I brag most about how Culturally Diverse our school is. It is indeed one of the most Culturally Diversed Universities in the nation.