Wayne State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the graduation rate. Most students drop out before they finish completing college. I believe they get discouraged in their ability to succeed becasue of the things they have to deal with outside of school such as jobs, family, disabilities, etc. Many of the people you meet are not guaranteed to be there the next year or so and it's sad to know that most of the students won't graduate.


The worst thing about the school is some of the facilities are on the older side, not all of them, there are very nice new buildings on campus as well. The make matters worse the govenor is proposing a huge budget cut to the university.


I would consider the fact that because it is a commuter school, Wayne State is not the best place to form life long friendships like it is possible to do at a bigger school where dorm living of some kind is required.


Financial aid because they have lost paperwork, given the run around, made things unclear or given the wrong information.


It is in a depressing environment.


The worst thing about my school is the hasty look on someones face before they regain their composure when you tell them you're attending a university located in Detroit. The reputation that Detroit has gained over the years needs to be rebuilt and shaped into the industrial, safe, and flourishing city that the students at Wayne State University know it is.


The administration can be very disorganized, and it gets frustrating when they make mistakes and you have to fight to fix them.


The parking is the worst for Wayne State University because the lots that are the closet to campus always get sold out quikly and if you miss out on getting a pass just by a day you will have to walk very far! The parking rate has also just gone up and if you are in an unathorized parking space or missed a parking meter you have to pay a fine.


It is a commutor school, which inhibits students' ability to socialize outside of class.


School is to big.


Parking situation. With it's urban location, Wayne State has many students who commute including myself. There is almost no public parking that doesn't have outrageous prices. We are already giving them so much money in tuition that I dont think a parking pass should exceed $200.


I don't like that the dining halls are closed on the weekend in the freshman dormitory. In the cold months I don't like to travel far and as a college student with no job it's hard to have money to pay for fast-food. Many people don't go home every weekend so I think the school should have them open for the students.


I think the worst thing about my school is the financial aid program, because there is not enough aid.


I can not really say what the worst thing is about the school is because I love attending Wayne State University. What can use some improvement that we are basically on our own and when you're a freshmen it is already overwhelming and that adds to it. We should get more informed about things and for a University this large and there should be more counselors in order to have more opportunities to being able to speak with someone if there is an issue that a student needs to discuss about.


The only worst thing about Wayne State University is that they charge you $25 dollars for the fitness center even if you do not want to use it.


The worst thing i can think of might be the parking, it is really hard to find a place to park even with parking passes.


The worst thing is that I want to play sports or something but it'll eat up too much of my time or take place when something else is going on.


The worst thing is not having a dorm when going to school during the winter, it gets really cold in michigan and catching the bus everyday to get to class on time was rough during the winter.


Academic Advisors and Parking


I believe the worst thing about Wayne State University is the continually rising tuition. In the past 3 years I have attended Wayne State tuition has risen nearly 20%.


It can be disorganized concerning administration and paperwork.


Everything in the school is fun, its really hard to fand anything negative about it .


The worst thing about the school would probably be the fact that it is still viewed as a commuter school by many. So, when there are events and activities going on at the campus, there aren't as many people as there could be if more people lived on campus.


distance between classes, buildings, not enough parking


The people that hang around the school whom dont belong to it, becuase it gets in the students way.


there is nothing bad about WSU


The worst thing about my school is the fact the professors do not care about the students in their classes they are just worried about getting them in and out. A close second to the professors not caring is the problem with the homeless people. They are constantly asking for spare change and it is hard to say no to them but I have to eat also, college is not cheap.


The university is in detorit, so there can be crime in the surronding areas, although the campus is safe and police can get to any where on campus in about 30 seconds. There are quite a few homless people that many of the students here could recognize and give a good description of because there a quite a few homless people that stick around the campus. It is Detorit...


The worst thing about Wayne State is the lack of interest and help academic advisors provide students. I am not sure why most of the academic advisors are the way they are, maybe because they hate their job? Of all the academic advisors I have spoken to, I can't say that I was advised the right way.


The worst thing about my school is financial aid office. Your money is never there on time and you have to sit and wait on hold forever.


very routy unwanted individuels that do not belong to the university.


Tution assistantance because lots of friends had to go to community college from assistant problems.


I can't think of anything.


The only bad thing about this school is the little black squirrels that jump out the trash can when u try to throw something away outside. Other than that this school is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!


Although I love going to school in a big city, Detroit isn't the safest city. That's the thing I consider the worst about my school. Just the fact that I can't just walk down the street alone because it's not safe bothers me a lot of the time. This is such a wonderful school in a great city, its just that the city hasn't kept a good name for itself.


No friends.


I think the isolation that exists between the races:( People stick with what's familiar.