Wayne State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is all African American and Indian people, with an occasional white person. This stereotype overall is correct, but that doesn't make anyone a bad or good person. Everyone is different but can come together to be friends if they want.


The stereotype is that everyone wants to go to med school and it's true because every one I meet is planning on going into the medical field


That question varies! WSU is huge with over 30,000 students attending on any given year. It's hard to pin down one common stereotype of students at my school since it's probably one of the most diverse universities in the region. I feel like this question is sooooo high school all over again....


Not Sure


Sometimes there is a stereotype that people that go to Wayne State may be "ghetto", but no matter were someone is coming from when they go to Wayne State they are already on the right path and everyone there is seeking a better education and career. We are a diverse campus from all different types of backgrounds so to say that people coming to Wayne State are "ghetto" is not accurate because by being at this University, no matter the means we are all privaleged and ready to improve our standard of living. Just come into the campus with an open mind and know that no stereotype could possibly describe such a massive group of people and that people are coming from different backgrounds, but we are all Wayne State Warriors.


The stereotype is that it is a bunch of black kids and kids who cannot get into "better" universities. The truth is that yes, there are many intercity students, but diversity at Wayne State University goes farther than that. There are people from all over the world, not just African Americans. Also, many students choose Wayne State University because of the price. This is my case. I got into other universities, but Wayne State University was the only school that offered me a full ride. Since I will be going to medical school, I need to save as much money as possible. Wayne State University is a very prestigious school, in fact their medical school is even one of the best in Michigan!


There really aren't any stereotypes at my school. If anything you are just warned that there are a lot of gay guys and girls at the school so beware of who you call cute.


The stereotype of students at my University include African American individuals from the Detroit area. Some people may think Wayne State is "ghetto" however that stereotype is rather inaccurate to some level. There are a vast variety of cultures, races, and ethnic groups that can be found on campus. These range from a good amount of people who live and commute from the suburban Metro-Detroit area. Arabic students, Indian students, Asian students, and the list goes on. In terms of Greek Life at Wayne State, there are only a few frats and sororities. Our school, I would say is filled with bright minded individuals, most of whom are planning on going to medical school or are doing pre-medicine in their undergraduate years.


A stereotype within my school Wayne State is that it's very diverse and unique. I think this stereotype fits my school because many different kinds of people come and work together at Wayne. There are many jocks as well at my school for example in many of my classes there's alot of swimmers.


Since it is located in Detroit, Wayne State University is typically degraded. The common stereotypes include degrading the students intelligence because students are learning in Detroit, an economically depressed city. Also, many people think the students there are dangerous but in reality, it is a very safe campus.


If there is any collective stereotype on my campus it may be because the school is in Detroit, the students may not be as intelligent as others. I attend Wayne State University but many hear about University of Michigan or Michigan State University so sometimes that stereotype exists.


The common stereotype of students at my school is that we are slackers because we go to school in Detroit. However, most of us are motivated to go to school and do something amazing with our lives.


Wayne State University is so diverse that I really couldn't put a stereotype to it. I've meet students like myself going into the science field and those who are in the art and music programs. Wayne State has a variety of awesome programs that anyone can fit in there.


The common stereotype at my school is that the majority of students are commuter students. It is true that my school is a commuter university however a fairly large amount of students do live on campus when you consider the size of the student body.


The most common stereotype at Wayne State University is that the campus is very unsafe for students. This stereotype is true, but only to a point. The Wayne State campus is no different from any other campus because you should always be aware of your safety no matter where you are. There are many sources on campus that provides students with immediate help and campus police are everywhere so you can walk around knowing that help will be there if needed.


The stereotype of students at my school are students that do not often graduate.


There are a mixture of students who intereact with each other. I do not really notice any set stereotypes.


Friendly people everywhere.


Wayne State University offers over 400 different programs, varying from performing and communication arts to medicine or social work.. The school is very diverse, not only in it's students, but also in its degree or certificate granting programs.


The stereotype of students here at WSU is black. Everyone believes everyone is black and black usually get the term gang/ganster/mob attached to it. Personally there is a lot of different ethnicities here, mainly black, white and indian. Just because WSU is in the middle of Detroit, does not mean it is a place where you're going to get mugged. You just have to know your surroundings and be aware of them.