Wayne State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who has a focus in the arts should attend our next door university (CCS) and those who are not willing to work hard should not waste there money.


A person that is not energetic and serious about learning should not attend Wayne State Unviersity. Students attending Wayne State University have to gain good study habits because the courses are rigorous. Every student is responsible for their education and if you want to blame everyone else this is not the school for you. If you don't like to attend classes and on time this is not the school for you. Every student is expected to attend classes on time and with motivation to learn.


People who like to stick to a small, particular social group should not attend WSU. The atmosphere is more one of blending than of cliques. It would also be difficult for people with strong prejudice due to the highly diverse student body, but it may help open their minds and be good for them.


If you are looking to pursue a music degree, it's best if you not attend Wayne State.


An extremely conservative close minded person should NOT attend. This school is very diverse and culturally thriving. It's an awesome environment for somone that is open minded and accepting of all types of people.


I have not heard too many great things departments such as History, Fine Arts, Music, Geography or Social Work. I would definitely say that the student who is pursuing fields like math, engineering, medical school or language should at least consider it. This school is known to be technical, above all.


The kind of person that isn't serious about school, because the cost of attendance is so high that everyone should come to this school with a plan!


A person who is not serious about their education should not attend Wayne State


You should not attend Wayne State if you can't handle the requirements. Also you should not go here if you could go to a community college for your pre requirements.


People who are is contradiction to the above are the kind of people I would encourage not to attend Wayne State. Not due to lack of capability, but because those who are lathargic and have a difficult time commiting to responsibility would struggle to stay ahead. Those who want mediocore classes and expect to just breeze through college should probably reconsider their outlook before applying to Wayne State. Personally, I believe that anyone whocan get accepted has a ahot at sucess, however, it is not merely the chance that counts, it is what you make of the oppurtunity.


You shouldn't attend Wayne State if you are not tolerate of other cultures or racist. If you are not academically driven, this isn't the school for you.


Someone that has poor time-management skills will probably not succeed. Someone who is not willing to commit to long hours of studying will probably fell. Classes are nothing like what's experienced in high school. Most classes are fast paced and require 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} attendance. Procrastination will ruin you. Your school work must be your #1 priority. If you can't handle having a job and attending school, I suggest that you leave your job to focus on school. This is not one of those party schools, so party seekers should search elsewhere.


Everyone should attend this school; it's great! It has a little bit of everything for everyone. It is located in an urban community, but that's the beauty of it. It's up beat and gives you a feeling that your right at home with everyone else. Wayne State University is also well secured with local police and it's own sheriff so you dont have to worry about criminals or people just committing petty crimeas in general. There are tons of great places to study, have fun excercise and relax.


If one does not like a very diverse community, and the city life, then this University is not for you.


People who want to attend a small college and aren't ready to deal with diversity shouldn't attend this campus. People who aren't self-driven also shouldn't attend this campus


Someone who isn't focused and determined.


Nobody really shouldn't attend this school. It has a variety of majors for every person, unless your looking into going into a trade. Then you would be the type of person because there are no trade majors at this school.


I don't know. Most people commute so I guess people who don't like driving.


Wayne State has something to offer everyone. There's really nothing to discourage anyone from coming. It is inexpensive enough to give everyone the opportunity to attend college and is extremely flexible with class times to meet anyone's schedule. The only drawback I have found is a lack of life on campus during the weekends. The campus is mostly commuter, so on the weekends there isn't a whole lot to do. Student Council has created a committee to fix this problem, however, and make WSU an extremely vibrant and diverse urban college campus.


A person who doesnt care about their education at all. There are many types of people here the realy focused ones, and the ones that could care less about their careers or education. But then agaion this college is pretty much good for everyone, ats cheap, and its calle da univeraity, its not as great as the other big universities, but its still up there. Some of the people who go here are very smart, they could have gone to a big 4-year university but they chose Wayne state University becasue it was close to their home.


Someeone who does not care about school and or does not study or do their homework


Someone without the ability to open their minds to different views, and cultures.


People who are looking to spend their college years partying definitely should not attend this school. If a student isn't motivated to do their best work, they shouldn't attend this university


Scared white people shouldn't attend this school.


Someone that wants a good education in any other field other than health.


Those who don't feel safe in the big city


Someone who isn't ready to spend a lot of their time studying and being academically involved.


Someone who is not ready to put in the hard work.


A very determined individual


I personally don't think I can pick out a certain type of person and tell them they shouldn't be allowed to attend Wayne State U. It is a very diverse, cultural, and welcoming University. Any student, from any part of the world, with any background is welcome here. The only way to really know if this is the right place for you is if you are ready to buckle down and focus on school. If you can handle a heavy workload while being involved with campus activities this is the place for you!


Somebody that doesn't like diversity. My school is in the middle of Detroit and has a rich African American culture. Some might find it to be a culture shock.


The kind of person that doesnt want to have fun while learning. This school is a very social school and the professors are very helpful. You shouldnt attend here if you dont have a social life!


Anybody that isn't serious about education or committed to put in the extra effort