Wayne State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation. To park near the school you have to park at a meter. You must have enough change for the meter and you are forced to run back and forth to the meter to put money in it to prevent you from getting a parking ticket. My school's parking structures are expensive and far from the school ground. By the time you walk from the parking structure to the school you are tired and ready to go to sleep.


The cost of attendance is really frustrating. Coming from a community college I didn't expect to see so many fees for what seems like uncessesary reasons. Parking passes are a small fortune and unless you purchase a pass for a specific parking structure you are never garaunteed the ability to park near the building you are headed to. They find any way they can to charge extra for things that should be free. Paying tuition online comes with a $200 fee each semester, students that are considered "upper classmen" pay more per credit hour than those who are not.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid department and any other department you have to turn paperwork in to. Numerous times they have lost important documents and require you to take more time than usual on a certain business matter because you have to recover the documents you gave them that they lost.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that it is mainly a communter school, so alot of the people you get to meet in class usually have to go jome at the end of the day. This can cause alot of conflicts especially when you have group projects. The school is making improvements by building new dorms and apartment living communities. But, for now in the weekends most of your friends are usually not on campus and it seems like a ghost town, restaurants in and out of the student center are usually closed as a result.


I didn't find anything frustrating about Wayne State. The staff is very helpful, if you have questions they will answer them.


Since the University is located in downtown Detroit, people assume that it is dangerous or a ghetto school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is some of the rules.


The most frustrating thing at Wayne State is the temperature of the class rooms in the winter. It is already cold in Detroit and the class rooms are drafty and cold as well.


work load


The campus is too big at times


The most frustrating thing is the fact that since so many people commute it's really hard for people like myself to get to know people and make friends in classes.


Sometimes homeless people come into class rooms and that gets somewhat frustrating, but other than that nothing really


The parking situations and tuition payment plans can be quite tedious. Walking from one building to another can also be a huge pet peeve of many.


The most frustrating thing that I have encountered is having multiple final exams scheduled for one day




Getting to class on time might cuase a little frustarating, but other then that its all easy going.


I've had some bad experiences trying to get things settled with the loans I took out to pay for school. They didn't properly communicate with the loan companies to get everything settled in time. Also, I've heard bad things about the finiancial aid department.


I believe the most frustrating thing about my school would be, dealing with advisors/faculty. I have gone to visit with advisors on the walk-in appointment days and it seems as if I was bothering them. I was very discouraged from the way that they spoke to me. At times, they can make you feel as if you don't deserve to be enrolled in the university.


All classes were assigned by the Program I was enrolled in, so no opportunity to select my own schedule. And the course/clinical assignments were given to us at the last minute or were changed at the last minute, making it difficult to plan ahead for work scheduling.


The amount of people who raise their voice in the library.


The financial aid process is the biggest complaint at my school. Students often have problems signing up for classes or housing because of slow disbursements. I work in my school's call center to raise money and one alumnus even told me that she liked Wayne State and the education she got there, but the financial aid process was so bad compared to other schools that she didn't want to donate any money to the school.


No one ever is able to answer questions. There is always a run around and when you finally get an answer its usually to late and you missed the deadline for financial aid, graduation, etc.




It is very difficult to remain enthusiastic about school work and campus activites since Wayne State is mostly a commuter campus. It is very frustrated to stay motivated when we lack things to be motivated about.


Getting the run around from the admin buildings


Parking on campus is a nightmare. The main parking structure is full all hours of the day, and it is too easy to get parking tickets by parking on the street. Plus, car theft is the most common crime on campus, so it is hard to find appropriate and available places to park.


Driving to it.


The most frustrating thing about my school, I think, would have to be the short amount of time we have to walk from one class to another if they're a far distance from one another and if they are right after each other.


Most students at this college are working and have families, many are commuters. There seems to be minimal concern from the faculty and financial aid office for the real life pressures that student's face. Students are often treated like children, when in fact they have rich life experiences and are very much adults.


The most frustrating thing is the academic advising center. I once sat there for the majority of the day to see someone. I had to go to walk-in hours because there were no appointments left.