Wayne State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I should apply for college work study so that I can get financial aid for that.


I wish I would have known that the University does not prepare you enough for all of the demands and things you have to know when you enter the workforce, particularly School Social Work.


Honestly, I wish I would have known more about the vast amount of scholarships available to students. Although, loans enable one to pursue their educational goals often those loans are not enough to cover living expenses even at a modestly costing school. As a result I ended up having to balance a full time job and a full time course load. Therefore, if I could advise someone on the best thing to do to prepare for college it would be to secure as many scholarships as possible especially if your family is not able to help out.


I wish I had know that Wayne State was primarily a commuter school, but they actually have great programs. The college life is pretty much what you make it, there are a ton of organizations on campus.


I wish I had known how much they raise the tuition every year.


To really narrow down my studies. Everyone told me I had time, but I realized I wasted some money on classes I didn't even need. I wish someone would have told me to really pick and narrow down y career aspects and then choose my classes based on the classes needed for those programs. That could have saved me time and money.


I wish I had known that the tuition and parking would be so expensive.


I wish I knew that there were more than 500 students in a biology class. Coming out of high school I found this to be very hard. There was no one on one with the teacher at all. The professor didnt even know thw students names. This is someting I would make younger friends aware of.


I wish I would've known how much of a commuter school it really is. Living on campus is veryy optional because most people don't. I personally love living on campus. I like the freedom and having to learn how to do things on my own, even though home isn't too far away.


I wish I had known how cold it can get in Detroit but mainly I wish I had known more about obtaining scholarships and grants.


I wish I would have known that getting involved in on campus activities is a lot of fun and a great way to get to know people who are both like me and very different from me.


Before I began attending Wayne State I wish I had known how hard it was because many people looked down upon Wayne State because it was in the middle of Detroit. I wish I had known how much fun and how much much of a party school it was. I didnt know that I would experience all the great things at Wayne State. If I hadve known all of these things I believe Wayne State University wouldve been one of my first choice schools.


The amount of changes that happen, requirements, housing, instructors and that students in the more popular colleges are extremely happier.


Since I'm not much of a morning person I should have never registered for such early morning classes that required my full attention and participation. I wish I had known that it would be best to order my text books early and off-campus to get better deals. I wish I had known that parking would be so expensive and I would have so many miscellaneous costs associated with school. It would have been nice to know that this school offers some of the same classes as local community colleges but has higher tuition costs.


I haven't attended the college as of yet therefore I am unable to answer this question


Nothing really i love wayne state, it is a really good school.


I wish I knew I could take summer classes my freshman year to get an early start with my education. I wish I knew about ratemyprofessor.com to avoid the poor professors.


I wish I would have known how culturally diverse Wayne State University really was to better prepare myself for the transition to college. I am a very open-minded person, but I needed to better prepare myself to create and receive the best experience through meeting new people and gathering new ideas from different cultures.


Honestly I wish I had known how difficult it would be to go to college without the means to pay for it. I started my freshman year in college in the fall of 2009. Although I have financial aid, I continue to struggle financially. My financial aid didn't cover the prices of all my books so I went through my first semester of school with only one book for a class and a suppliment book for another class. I was taking four classes. I guess thats the only thing I wish I had known before I came to school.


Not all professors are created equal, by far. Try ratemyprofessor.com to see whos a good prof, whos hard, and who just can't teach. You're paying to be INSTRUCTED, not talked at. If your professor isn't hacking their job, find a new one, or find a new university.


I wish I had known which professors to take classes with. I am almost done with school and I really wish that I had worked with the women in my department more than I have. Both of the female professors in my department are interested in many of the things that I am. The only reason I haven't taken more classes with them is only because of scheduling. It would have been nice if I could have taken a sabbatical from my job to finish school!


Where all my classes were going to be held at ?


More about the surround city.


I knew this before, but I wish I would have considered it more my first semester...that it really is up to the student to do well. You are given the tools, but it up to you to really sharpen and use them.


yes, of course. wayne state is a great school


That they wouldn't accept my intermediate algebra class that I took at OCC because at Wayne State Trig was 2/2 and College Algebra was 1/2 so I now have to take another math class.


That studying really is important, and that everything everyone tells you about college is true.


I wish I had know proper study skills. There is alot of work required from a student, and that is work is properly done is time is managed well and studying is done efficiently.


I wish I had known that it would be this demanding, and take up 95% of my time, yet its a lot of fun and everyone is helpful and supportive


I wish I had known how to talk to more people and be more outgoing so that I wasn't always the quiet kid in class.


stay focused and schedule classes all together.


I wished that I had known: how to save money rather than have financial need; how to follow a budget and live within my means; when to be leisure and when to study, rather than cramming the night before; to consider my health and diet, excercise more, play sports, eat nutritious meals, leaving soda and coffee behind as well as fast food; how to befriend others more effectively; ; to promote extra-ciricular activites of interest to self and others; but mostly, be friendly to the new students and help familiarize them with the campus and social groups on campus.


Wayne State University was really open about all the services and programs they provide. I felt that I was given a lot of information about the school before I started attending. So with that, there really isn't anything I wish I would have known before attending because the school was straight forward.


I wish I had known more about financial aid programs available (I had to do a lot of research online, especially the State of Michigan website) and I also wish I had known about the vast testing policies the campus has. I was able to use my APs and CLEP scores to test out of almost a year of schooling, which was great since only 4 credits transferred from other schools.


Exactly what classes i need to graduate


gas prices


I wish i would of known that the student to teacher ratio exact.


I wish I had reserached the field I was going into a little bit more. I originally entered Wayne State University under the pre-med program. I would have liked to have a seminar included in my orientation so that we could hear from the administrators of the medical school. There was such a seminar offered a couple semesters later. However, I think it would have helped me a lot more had it been earlier. Though, now, I eblieve the school does include such seminars for all programs.


i can't really say.


I wish I had known how expensive Wayne State education really is.


Before coming to Wayne State, I wish I knew I was going to pay an arm and a leg for parking. Honestly, it's really the only major complaint I have.


I wish I had know how great of a school Wayne State University is. Many people feel as if it is a university that feels like a community college and only has students that are parents. Wayne State is a great place to learn because you can recieve a world-class education. We have educators from all over the world. Culture is brought into our classrooms everyday.


I wish I had known that the intro. phychology class would demand so much time. If I had known that I would not have taken so many credits in my first semester after my transfer.


Parking would be REALLY annoying.


I wish i would have known that this school was this good.


I wish I knew that the education and career outcome is equal in a school such as a community college compared to this University. The resulting job pay and degree of respect after completing your degree is equal. I recommend to others to get their degree at a community college if they can and save the money. Currently I pay $5500 a semester for 13 credits and I am broke as can be.


How many credit hours and classes I need to graduate