Wayne State University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


The UGL or the Prudy Kresage Library are the best places to study. The UGL has an all silent floor on the 3rd floor, while the second has more group study rooms and a more hush studying part of the library and the first floor is probably the most social one. If you really need some quiet time though, I would suggest the Prudy Kresage library. It's so quiet you wouldn't know anyone was in there.



The best place to get stuff done would have to be the UGL Library there are different levels for laptop stations, computers are offered, there is a library of books, there are different rooms available for group study and it is a quiet and resourceful area.


There are many places to get your work done here at WSU. There is the Undergraduate Library, known as the UGL, that is open 24/7. There are multiple floors of which to study on. There is also your dorm building if you are staying on campus. Each floor has 3 lounges in which you can study. You can also, if you wish, study in your room. We have a Starbucks, which is also part of Einstein Bagels, where many people go to grab a cup of Joe and study. The quietest place of them all is the Purdy-Kresky Library. It is so because nobody really goes in it. It is a very empty place, but yet the best place to go for a quiet area. I tend to study in the lounges of my dorm floor.