Wayne State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Because it's close enough to go home every couple weekends and kinda affordable



I decided to go to Wayne State because it was the best school for Social Work which is the major I am pursuing. I like the fact that they have a "School of Social Work" specializing in that area. Also, the fact that it is downtown is exciting and really makes me feel I am walking around a big campus that is rich with history and culture.


My mom worked at Wayne State for 35 years and as a kid I would always go with her to work. I've loved Wayne State since I was little and really wanted to go here for college. I am definitly a musical person and with all the different types of theatres and art around me, how could I resisit?


I decided to attend Wayne State University because I am majoring in Physical Therapy and I heard that Wayne State is a good school for the medical field. In addition, I have the advantage of being close to home.


Because they offered me the best scholarship


I decided to come to WSU because it was close to home and the price was right. The dorms are in really good condition. I recently visited UofM and the dorm rooms were way smaller, and I didn't feel as safe as I do here. WSU is a very safe college, despite the rumors.