Waynesburg University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Waynesburg University is an inclusive environment that empowers its students to serve the community and always pay it forward.


My school is a private, Christian college that focuses on faith, learning, and service for the glory of God.


Waynesburg University is a beautiful school that focuses on faith and learning, and provides the foundation to help you become a stronger person.


waynesburg university is a small campus where everyone is welcomed and accpected for who they are.


Waynesburg University is a diverse community of people seeking to find their calling, pursue excellence and make the world a better place.


My school is very challenging and the number one school in Pennsylvania for nursing.


A small school that is growing, but yet is for the most part able to continue their commitment to help students.


It is a small local area school with a variety of religions and races attending, and they have well trained professors who are always there to help you, and most if they are not on campus give u their hoe numbers, with some restrictions of course.


It's a very nice, quaint little campus with a rural atmosphere but only 45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.


Waynesburg is very focused on volunteer jobs and community service.


Waynesburg University is a small religious, private, liberal arts school that cares about students' academics and service learning.