Waynesburg University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking. The entire campus is basically a hill which just makes it worse when you are forced to park miles away. It is a rare, rare occurance where you find a parking space available near your needed building.


I enjoyed mostly every aspect about Waynesburg, but the one thing I would consider to be lacking is the availablity of parking on campus. As a commuter especially, I found it to be extremely challenging to find a convenient parking place daily in time to make my classes without being late. Even if I would arrive on campus 20 minutes before my class, I would usually have to park several blocks away and walk to the building my class was in. Parking in an actual lot is extremely limited, and parking along the street is very limited as well.


the advisors don't help out and it is hard to get an appointment with them, if you have a disability it is not like it was in high school


The worst thing about my school is the meal plan. The food is decent, but very repetative. There is a variety of stations to get your food at but they seem to change very little. After eating the same food over and over again it becomes blan. The meal plan swipe card system is also very strict and does not allow you to carry over meals, or eat more than once even when you have already payed for the meals upfront. Many of the the food service staff are not very pleasent either.


There is no air conditioning in the summer months and it gets extremely hot!


The worst thing about our school is the variety of food. For students who live on campus the food selection becomes quite old, and can quite frankly make you sick after eating it. You can attempt to eat healthy but it is very hard when most of the options are cheeseburgers on chicken patties.


I feel that lack of diversity is something that I don't like too much. I would like to see that change in the faculty, staff and students.


The caf. food. The food just sucks and is pretty much the same thing everyday. I usually dont eat there.