Waynesburg University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about what would be required for graduate school before attending Waynesburg for undergrad. I was a Pre-Physical Therapy major, but the focus was placed more heavily on Athletic Training and related majors, so I did not get much guidance as far as what I needed to do before applying to grad schools for Physical Therapy. If I had been more prepared going in, I would not have been scrambling closer to application deadlines my senior year. I feel that the professors and advisors in the program could be more knowledgable about the requirements.


i wish i would have known how many hills the campus had!


What campus life was REALLY like--I wish I would have looked around more at the other colleges I was accepted to.


I wish I had been more prepared for the conservative-type campus that it is. I am much more liberal than many of my classmates, and although I have found friends who share similar views, it is still a very conservative school.


I wish I would have known Waynesburg was more suited for me. I didn't apply right out of high school.


I would have liked to know that Waynesburg was not as diverse as previously statement to me on a visit.