Waynesburg University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


interested in drinking and partying, not willing to work for their classes, who wants to be near the city, not wanting to do community service/service learning.


I think that everyone should attend this college. Anyone is welcomed here and there is not one person that should not be allowed to come here.


Any person who defines themselves as a liberal should not attend this school. The viewpoints of the other students in the school are not quite as accepting of liberal students as they should be or even profess to be.


This school is fairly friendly and accepting, however someone who is heavily into drugs or alcohol would probably not fit in. It is a christian school, and most students who attend are devout christians.


i think this school works well with everyone, unless you are a heavy drinker because it is dry.


Anyone who likes big cities and stuff to do 24-hours a day wouldn't like it here. Students who want to take classes that they don't have to regularly attend shouldn't come here. It is also a Christian school so one chapel and one religion class is mandatory. It is a Christian atmosphere so other religions probably wouldn't like it here.


Someone who does not care about academics. Someone who likes to party constantly.