Waynesburg University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I honestly wish that I would have taken high school more seriously. I know I am smart and very capable of getting great grades, but in high school I was given lots of extra credit opportunities to help my grades. In college, however, they are not so generous. Going into college with 18 credits my first semester was a huge change, but after the shock wore off, I was able to successfully manage the course load with 110% effort. I just wish that I would have really valued my education in high school more and was more thankful for the numerous extra credit assignments that I was given. I would also focus more on telling myself how important time management is. Going from living with very strict parents to moving across the country with freedom to do what I wanted was very different for me and it was a huge adjustment to make sure that I got what I needed done without being told to do so.


If I had the opportunity to go back to high school and talk to myself as a senior I would say relax and trust in yoruself. I have alway been neurotic and I can say that as I have gone through my undergraduate years I have been very hard on myself. I thought that I had to be next to perfect to get into medical school. It was not a healthy lifestyle to lead. Many times I would go online and search about different scenarios to make sure that I would still have a chance of getting into medical school. I would also tell myself to enjoy tennis. As I appraoch my senior year of college I relaize how much college has done for me mentally. I am so glad that I was able to play in college and I have been able to do so many things because of the balalnce a varsity sport allows one to have. Lastly, I would urge my younger self to practice paying it forward because being a force of good no matter how hard, is what life is about. With all of this being said I think college has been extremely enjoyable!


Don't be too stressed out, Shy. College life is great. You have an amazing roommate who has become your best friend, and you've also made other positive relationships. Community bathrooms aren't bad at all, so I'm not quite sure what you're worried about. Everything you could need is right on campus, but some things you may want are not, so be patient and wait for the shuttle on Tuesdays and Thursdays to take you to the places you'd like to go. The campus is in the side of a mountain, and your hall is at the very top, so you'll never lose your marching band calves. Don't stress. The transition was more than easy with the wonderful people around you. Don't forget to thank God for getting you here. Always say your prayers, and if you're ever homesick just remember that you're only two-and-a-half hours away. College is a wonderful time and experience. You'll have much more fun than you know.


My advice would be to follow my heart. College is an amazing opportunity and I think people put too much stress on high school seniors to make decisions about college. If I could go back, I would tell myself to dream big and not settle for anything less.


Take school seriously. Be proud of yourself. Know what you are capable of and what your potential can be. It's okay to be scared realizing you aren't a kid anymore transitioning to college, but if it's meant to be everything will turn out great. You don't have to know what you want to do as a career right away. Make sure you enjoy yourself, your time as a college student, and enjoy learning. If you do it the right way, college really can be 'the best years of your life'.


If I had the chance to give my high school self some advice, I would recommend taking a deep breath and living with the fact that I'm never going to be 100 percent sure about anything. There is always risk involved and there is always a bit of uncertainty. That fear and risk is normal and the pursuit of a dream isn't necessarily going to be a settling, calming, relaxing experience. In high school I remember being extremely concerned with finding "the right career" for myself, when actually there are probably several careers that I would be happy exploring. I am a creative person with many avenues to choose from and am excited to get started in Interior Design. I would have liked to remind myself that nothing lasts forever (if you don't want it to) and life is a series of everchanging cycles. Change is good and I will never be stuck if I don't want to be. Life is what you make it! If only I saw things that way at the age of 17.


The most important piece of advice for helping myself to make the transition from high school to college would definitely be to learn a way to efficiently manage my time. Adjusting to a college schedule is a significant change from the way a high school schedule is designed. The breaks between classes in college can sometimes be several hours, and those several hours could be used to get ahead on a reading assignment in a class or to review material for an exam in the class that is coming up later that day. I certainly did not always use my time as effectively as I could have during college, but I got by and did very well regardless. For others, inefficiently managing time could make a crucial difference in their performance. Along with efficiently managing time for academics, I would advise that time must also be made to just enjoy the experience of college. I worked two part-time jobs during college and was a commuter, and I always found myself rushing home after classes to go directly to work or get something else done. My job was beneficial to me, but I wish I had experienced more on campus.


Dear High School Me,You’re a student-athlete so don’t do something stupid. It’s not worth the risk of losing everything. The respect you’ve earned from everyone isn’t worth it. Stay on the track you’re on right now. Keep those A’s and B’s, but really, mostly A’s. I’m surprised you are settling for some B’s. Also, don’t get so bummed about that back injury. Your college volleyball coach will help you get better. Yes, that’s right, you reached that goal of playing college volleyball. Congrats! Oh, and stop that tanning for prom! Your date will think you’re beautiful without tanning, just because you got all fancied up for one little day. Besides, your Mom will be diagnosed with melanoma, but luckily it’s not in the severe stage. Another thing, make sure you thank your parents for everything they have done for you all those years. Trust me, they’ll still try to help, but knowing you appreciate the little bit they do help, makes them feel great. Lastly, follow your dreams. Believe you can, and you will. Simple as that.Sincerely,Stephanie


i would advise myself to not rush school. i would tell myself to enjoy senior year. i would tell myself to not take my teachers for granted, and the friends i make. i would appreciete my family more. i would make more of in effort to meet people and enjoy the company of others. i would tell myself to be strong and my family would not always be there for me.


Shannon, It is okay to not want to go straight into College right after High school. I wish I could tell you after everything, that you should go straight into college, but I can't. If you were to go straight into college you would not meet Bronson, who will end up being your husband and your best friend. You would not change jobs and learn to be a better person and meet lots of new people. And you would not have been able to go out on your own, learning to live as an adult and responsible person. I would like to tell you that college is the most important thing. But what I am going to tell you is that you are going to go when you are ready and when you are at that perfect time in your life when it is your turn to go for your dreams and chase what will be your future career.


I would tell myself to remember not to get too involved in activities because they may hinder my grades. The grades are the most important thing. DON'T PROCRASTINATE OR SLEEP THROUGH A CLASS!!!!! Simply that.


If I could go back in time I would give myself alot of advice. First I would prepare myself more for colllege and study. I would especialy not procrastinate like I did in high school. As a senior I made alot of mistakes and it was a very emotional year for me. I would want to take all of it back and start over. I would also decide on a college alot faster then i did. I made my decision at the last minute which made things complicated. College was very difficult my first semester and it was becasue I did not prepare myself. I needed to take time on my papers, listen to what the teacher was saying and actaully understand what I was doing. Also I needed to study more in high school because at college that takes up most of your time. In high school i did not take many college classes and I wished I had. That way I would of saved alot of money. Overall, I needed to study, listen more in class and not procrastinate.


The biggest advice is to not stress out about the little things, everything will find a way to work out in the end. Also start to learn how to manage time now so that in college it becomes natural to do so. Always keep and open mind and be open to learning new things and meeting new people.


If I was given the chance to go back in time to talk to myself I think I would tell myself, "Just live." In my first semester I let myself fall on my face; My grades were low to were I was flunking out of college, but I still would do it the same because that experience of things not being as easy as they were in high school changed me. It made me realize that I had to take more time to study and simply grow up in life. I think if I could say anything I would tell myself what my dad told me after my midterm grades; "College is about growing up and accepting new responsibilities, you don?t have to become an adult, but you have to do what is needed for this time period!" I really thought hard about that quote for the fallowing weeks of my semester. I realized that my growing up meant that I had to start accepting my faults and just live! To do the things that college requires, putting those hours of studying in, going to class, and still having time for fun.


Expect to completely redefine yourself. You have a calling in this life, to create new songs that speak hope and truth to the world and glorify God. You're going to be stretched and challenged beyond anything you have ever experienced. You just need to cling to your passions and never let go. God is going to mold you more and more into the man you are meant to be everyday. Hold fast to the faith, continue to strive for excellence in skill and in character. Just remember what the Bible says, "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:18


Look more carefully at the schools you've been accepted to. Don't run away from home--you'll realize how much you actually miss it someday. Choose a school that has a nice campus, good activities to be in, nice dorms, free laundry, good food and most importantly, a lot of parking spaces available!


I would tell myself to be prepared to have to balance my social life with my working and scholastic life even more than I had to in High School. There were many times in my freshman year that I wished I was more prepared for the workload of college and the lack of ability to have a social life. I would have told myself that I need to be able to balance what I do with my friends in equal amount with the things that I have to do for school.


The main advice I would give to myself and live by is to start off on the right foot from day one in my freshman year. The years that I wasted by not studying and developing good study habits is affecting my college life now. I have to work ten times as hard as other students and I can spend weeks studying for a test and still not do well. I have also had to give up my summers of freedom and take summer sessions to bring up my gpa to be able to compete in football. In highschool my main objective was to have fun and play football, now that I am a junior in college I have seen the errors of my ways and if I could take that time back and have the chance to make a better student out of myself that is what I would do.


Being a high school senior, I would tell myself to be patient, don't be so anxious to go to college. First, you need to learn your own studying techniques, you will need them when you go to college. Second, you will need to put most of your time into studying. While I was in high school, I just wanted out. I wanted my freedom and new friends. I wish I would have focused more on my grades. If I have a class three hours a week, I study six hours a week for that class. My highschool did not teach me good study techniques, but I am getting the hang of it. I am doing almost better in nursing than I did in high school. I just want my dream job of being a nurse and being the best nurse that I can be.


Just stay calm and everything will be alright. Remeber that during your high school years you had to study a little but more then middle school and the same will be true with college. Don't ever feel like you are not good enough, that you are not living upto your mom's standards. She has always supported you, but never told you that you have to do something a cetian way. You may feel like if you get a bad grade your letting her down but your not, will always support you no matter how much you feel like you are screwing up. Always remeber that no matter how hard it is you and your mom will make it. Don't let money, or the lack thereof, rule your life eaither. You have always helped your mom with money and she has and always will try to help you as well. Always remeber even if you don't have the money to go to school, continue to go. it will make you feel like a better person and it will make your mom so proud. She loves you and that will never change.


To have more options, visit many campuses to find what will suit you more. Not only academically, but with the surroundings and people.


It is extremely pertinent to visit the colleges you are applying for before making a decision. The "right one" just has a certain feel to it. In order to make the most out of the college experience, students should major in something they are passionate about and be willing to go beyond the class requirements to make the most out of their education. Take advantage of the resources you are given!


I would advise students to look around at a variety of colleges that they think look appealing on paper first. The next step would be to visit the college campus'. Often a campus tour will give the student a good or bad feeling of whether or not that is the place for them. I also strongly suggest staying on an overnight visit at the school if it is offered. I chose Waynesburg University mostly becuase of my overnight experience, and it has proven to be the best school for me! Honestly, the visit just felt right. I think everyone gets that kind of peaceful feeling when something is meant to be. So, first follow your brain by choosing schools that make since for your educational goals, religious affiliations, financial needs, location, etc and then follow your heart to narrow it down to that one perfect school for you. And parents, let your kids decide. By this age most really do know what they are looking for in a school. Trust their judgement and love them from a distance. They are growing up.


choose one that is not really far from home, because no matter what you think you want and how far you think you want to go its better to stay close, you will reliaze it later. Also try to choose a school that is the right size if you dont want to live within a city dont do it, there are plenty of choices out there.


In order to make the most of ones college experience it really depends on what the student is looking for. I know for myself that I didn't want a big school. The one on one interaction with the faculty at Waynesburg University is outstanding. You get really close to your professors and they help you with whatever you need. The students also get to know almost everyone on campus because it's a small university. Although it is expanding, the university is the school that fit my needs and I will never regret it.


Don't focus on the name of the school. Focus instead on their interest in the things you are interested in. Don't ever miss out on an opportunity simply because you don't know who will be there or it's not the "cool" thing to do. Your college experience is in your hands. You are the only one that can make it enjoyable, but at the same time... you can make it miserable. Balance books and fun and make college a time to remember.


When looking for a college, do not base your decision off of where your friends are going or that you "heard" it is a great school. go visit the school, see how you feel when you visit it. If you do not think it is the right fit for you it most likely is not. Do not come to a school just because it is cheap or they are offering you money. Make sure it is where you want to spend the next four years of your life. Once you go to college, you have the freedom to skip classes and not go, but this freedom is not always the best. You must make quality life decisions. Choose friends that will support you in whatever you do. Do not spend all of your years partying, you will be wasting thousands of dollars. You are at college to get an education, and that is what you should do.


Look at every college in your area and drive to them. During your drive you will be able to determine if the school is at a distance you wouldn't mind traveling to go home for a weekend. Also look for things you like in a school ex campus size, surrounding area, opportunities etc. The more schools you visit the better off you are because as you see more schools you will begin to develop an idea of what you like. Besides looking at the school itself look into their academic programs to see if they have what your interested in as well as a back up incase things don't work out. Most importantly choose the college you go to based on what you want to do, not what your friends or family what you to do.


My advice for finding a school would be to do a lot of searches to try to find what colleges fit what you are looking for. Then go visit as many of them as you can. I didn't find my school until I came and saw it and met the people and then I knew. Also consider how much debt you will have after 4 years at that school. To make the most of college, I suggest jumping in with both feet. Getting involved as soon as you start school is one of the most important things you can do. My other suggestion is to attend all your classes and pick your professors brains. A lot of them know more than they have time to teach you in class. Go ask questions and advice when you get the chance. Hearing stories and advice from them could help you discover your career path after you graduate.


Any advice that I give to parents or students may or may not have any bearing in their decision to choose a college because each person has their own hierarchy of what is important to them. Some students might want to stay close to home while others will want to get as far away from their parents as possible. Some might want a small town atmosphere while others prefer city-living. Each person should base their decision according to what setting will make them feel most comfortable. That is the only advice that I would impart to others because it is very difficult to learn in an environment that makes you uncomfortable. As far as determining where to find that comfort, visit a variety of campuses before making your final decision. Seeing different options will help determine what is most important.


The advice that I would give to perspective college students and parents would be find the right fit! Find a school that has the career you want, social life you wish to have, and just basically find a school that has a balance between school and you social life. Believe me you will need to get away sometimes so make sure there is somewhere you can go on campus or some wear close off campus for fun to get away from the hussle and bussle of school for a while. When you finally find the right fit just make the most of it! Enjoy every minute of it no matter what, try not to stress to much, it is not the end of the world if you do not do as well as you would like! College is fun especially after you freshmen year so just enjoy it while it lasts!


Make sure you visit many campuses to get a feel of what you're really looking for in a college. Talk to students who already attend these schools to get an inside look at what school is really like. Find a school that matches your personality and make sure you go somewhere that you know you'll feel comfortable.


I would say to students is to consider everything before making a decision. Once you get there, then I would say get involved. It makes college more rewarding and fun.


My advice to parents and/or students about finding the right college is to really think about what you want in a college. Think about the size that you want, how far away you want to be from home, if you want it to be a religious college, and if the college has a variety of majors available for you to select from. To make the most out of your college expreience, I would recommend that everyone gets involved! Get involved with sports, clubs, and community service; anything that your college offers! These activites will really help you to make a lot of new friends and grow as a person. You will never regret getting involved.


I think to really get to know a college the best you can as much as you can before you get there, is stay over night. It really helps you decide if you like the food, the people, the rooms, etc. I never stayed over night at school till I got there and it was a BIG shock. I had no idea what anything looked like, the food tasted like. Sometimes I hear girls say they met their roommate by meeting at an overnight thing. Some visitations let you attend classes in the morning with your host. That helps you decide if you like the way classes are set up and maybe help you decide on a major if your undecided. I think staying overnight really is the answer to finding the right school because your experimenting it without being enrolled yet.


Students should definitely look for a small college or university because the relationships between professors and students are so important. They are more likely to find better help with academic advising, on campus jobs, internships and counseling.