Weatherford College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


My favorite class would have to be science. My least favorite class would have to be english. At weatherford our biggest class is 25 people. The students at weatherford are some competitive and some not. A lot of them just wanna get a study group together and all make a good grade on everything. I am in pre med right now and getting my basics done at a smaller college. Then I will transfer to a bigger school and get my doctorate in cardiology. I have always wanted to be a doctor all my life and now I am trying to achieve my goal. No I do not spend time with my college professors, but my motor is a teacher and the school i went to and i just call my old teachers if i need any help with home work or even if I just need to talk to them and get some things off my mind. My old science and math teacher told me when I graduated high school to keep them in touch with me and tell them how I'm doing.