Webb Institute Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The stereotypes are very accurate as laziness could lead to failing. Although Webbies tend to procrastinate sometimes, they will pull all-nighters to finish assignments to the best of their abilities. Webbies do not take “oh, that’s good enough” for an answer and make sure that work is completed correctly. Without this strive for perfection, ships would be much more poorly designed.


The hardworking stereotype is without a doubt accurate, for there is no way to pass without hard work. The lazy do not survive long under the burdens of work. Procrastination does not apply to everyone, but most of the students tend to delay working until the night before. With such an intense workload, it seems ridiculous to put off doing work, but humans need to live sometime, and thus the daylight hours are saved for enjoyment, while the silence of the night is broken by the furious scribble of pencil on paper.


On the whole, yes. Webbies are motivated, left-brained problem solvers. They are capable athletes, sometimes in less traditional sports. Their tastes can be eccentric. Most importantly, they are keen to help one another and total strangers alike.