Webb Institute Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Webbies play as hard as they study, which is saying something. Emphasizing the size of Webb once again, all students are welcome to participate in anything they would like. Intercollegiate sports at Webb include soccer, sailing, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and tennis. Despite such a small picking, Webbies are very competitive with victory in their eyes playing against schools like Cooper Union and Culinary Institute. Clubs are also available to those who are not athletically inclined, such as WOOFS, which is a choral group. In regards to parties, since Webb is much too small for fraternities and such, the Student Organization handles all arrangements for parties, with many different themes.


There are a great deal of clubs and organization that insure the Webb students have a multitude of means to enjoy themselves for whatever free time they can find. Being conveniently located near the Long Island Sound and in possession of a small fleet of sailing boats, the sailing team is quite popular. There is also a soccer team in the fall semester, basketball through the winter, tennis and volleyball in the spring, and various other sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and a variation of floor hockey. There are also organizations such as WOOFS (Webb Organization of Family Singers) which allows students to exercise their musical talent, as well as a very free form club system that allows for the organization of any activity the students exhibit interest in. As for the social life, the dating scene is rather poor, due to the short supply of females. Otherwise the activities are great, for the Student Organization works hard to throw parties (which often draw in females from other colleges) and keep things fun.


Webb is uniquely challenged: this college of 90 very busy students is located at the end of a suburban dead-end street. Webbies compensate with a high rate of participation in clubs and sports. A student group organizes on-campus parties and off-campus trips. The main building was once a mansion, so there are plenty of comfortable spaces for work and play. The waterfront campus is ideally suited to all kinds of outdoor activities, from soccer to fishing to tennis to basketball (there is a gym). Whatever cannot be brought to Webb is just a short train ride away in New York City, the cultural capital of America.