Weber State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone loves to learn and help each other understand what they are learning and they are all here to succeed and make something of themselves.


I have always felt welcome at Weber.


They are all very nice. We have Chinese students that come in from China and that are in the Business program. We also have a lot of Middle Eastern students that come here as well. My school is filled with different type of cultures and they are all very polite and we mix well. There is no drama at all. Sadly, it is a dry campus so no alcohol or drugs ahah.


Many of the classmates at this school are really friendly and very helpful. When you are seeking advice or just simply needing help on something, everybody here at this campus is really wanting to help you succeed at what you are studying. I would say the classmates at Weber State University are people I would trust and look up to for help. Sometimes people are worried that nobody wants to help them around campus or help just in general but when you are needing help at school, classmates and professors are always looking to help you with what you need.


Most of my classmates are older than me but they are always willing to help out, and their life experiences give me valuable advice that I not only use for school but also for daily life.


Weber State has a lot of diversity. Its 52% no-traditional students so there are a lot married, over-25 students which offeres a lot of persepective in classes. There are also quite a few international students. There are students from every race, ethnicity and religious backgrounds. Its good. It exposes you to lots of different types of people and helps you get a world perspective.


they are very easy to get along with and are helpful.


Want to learn and get a degree but low school spirit.


Weber State has some of the greatest students. Many open minded individuals who are always exploring and learning about the world around them. There are constantly student produced projects and events taking place making this a very happening campus. The students are giving, exploring, learning, growing, creating, and preparing for a better future for themselves, this country, and the world.


all from different places coming together to learn about the same thing.


I can relate to them but its also very diverse, I meet students from all over when I'm at school; the people in this school are dedicated to learning and we all have our different passions, so its a way to connect with the world and the community. I love the friends that I have met.


My classmates are helpful and upbeat and encourage me to keep pursuing my goals.


The students at Weber State University are not very social, everyone just goes to class, and doesn't really talk to one another.


My classmates are individuals who seek out a better education in order to find better job placement, and a happier life later on.


My classmates are full-time students and full-time employees; hard workers.


They are all so different and fascinating with their ideas and encouragement.


They are diverse in both ethnicity and age, focused of their studies.


My classmates seem to be more focused on being by themselves and not in study groups.


They're friendly and willing to help when you don't understand concepts.


Friendly and very outgoing.


My classmates are team players and care about everyone but are highly motivated and competitive to be the best.


Students dedicated to obtaining a degree that will lead to a more promising career.


Weber State University has a very diverse group of students. Our student population spans across all fields from the traditional student to the foreign students. During my two years at Weber State I have never seen any discrimination or dislike towards any group of students; we get along very well and are accepting of different ideas and beliefs.


My classmates aren't diverse and are usually out of high school. Any person who is of a different ethnicity or race stands out alot.