Weber State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's nursing program and dental hygiene program.


In addition to Weber State University being known for it's academic excellence and commitment to quality teaching, they offer the largest undergraduate programs in the state of Utah; over 200! Many years ago I worked right across the street from the Univeristy and enjoyed hearing positive feedback regarding the Nursing program, Education program, Business and others. Classes and locations really cater to all different types and ages of students. But in our home, the school is best known for the fun basketball games, Especially for Youth summer programs and the amazing firework display on the 4th of July!


Accelerated career focused learning


Their Hockey team and excellent nursing programs.


WSU offers the most amount of degree programs in the state of Utah. Teachers offer quality education to their students as well as great commitment to them. I myself was able to take early college courses from Weber State because it was the only college that offered courses to High school students at my high school, as well as most high schools around the university.


Very student oriented. Have a policy of helping students to succeed and giving second chances. Give great scholarships!


School for non-traditional students (older, married, etc)


Its track team which i am a part of, as well as its business school.


The school is best known for its surrounding beauty. If you love outdoors this is the school for you.