Weber State University Top Questions

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I have had the best opportunites that I can wish at my school. At the beginning of this year I was offered a scholarship and money to pay for my school which helps poor students like me to have their dream to come true. I was also offered to work at Weber and I love my job and the people that I work for . Most Universities would seem to make difficult for students to feel at home, happy, but here at Weber State University I can accomplish my degree and pursue what I will be happy doing my whole life.


I have always wanted to be a Weber State University Wildcat. I believe Weber State University has a lot of potential and is always wanting their students to succeed at what they are studying and doing. They try and find different ways to help each student in every way. Weber State University has a lot of school pride. They are happy with everything and try and get all the students to participate in all their activities. Weber State has activities going on throughout the year to catch each students eye and help them in the future and get them involved.


I didn't consider any other schools. I wanted to go here because it was close to home and has many good programs of study.


The acceptance rate is unbelievably high


Weber State University was my top choice because of the quality of the education, the affordable cost, the small class sizes, and the beautiful campus.


It's not a very well known school, moslty commuters but when you go there you find an amazing network of professors and advisors that support you no matter what career path or lifestyle you are choosing. The community really supports the schoola and while it's not the typical "college town" there's no other place I'd rather be.


We are located in prime time back country (thats why they held 2002 Winter Olympics here)


The campus is really pretty complared to other schools I've visited. There are lots of student benefits too! There's free councelling sessions, a Stress Lab, intramural sports, a Health and Wellness Clinic and much more. I love it there.


My school is less expensive than some other schools but it still a good university.


As a mother of five going back to school after 25 years, why not attend the hometown University in which our family's enjoyed basketball games and other acvitites for 16 years? Close to home, Weber State University has a high percentage of non-traditional students like myself! More than a love for this beautiful place where we live, I'm drawn to WSU because they have the largest undergraduate offering in the state. With it's extended campus location near our home, it will enable me to be mom and yet acomplish my dream of graduating from college.


I have got personalized care and attention from my teachers, they were caring and always helpful towards completing my degree.


It is a compute school.


although it is not as well known as the university of utah or Brigam young university it still produces a great number of talented students, its not about where you went, it's about how hard you work and how bad you want to succed in your life that will help you to succeed.


They have a lot of on-line programs that fit my areas of interest.


I chose Weber State University because of their amazing teaching program. I only had four thousand dollars available to me at the time, so WSU was the best program for how much money I could spend. At WSU all the students are extremely involved academically, as well as spiritually in extra curricular activities. The student population is so diverse. We have students that have come from all over the world. Some students are from Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and Japan. It is so nice to have a school that is so united, even though we are so diverse.


Technology and Arts. We have brand new computers, and brand new buildings. We also have older buildings, but they are all in good shape. We have Wi-Fi everywhere on campus. The Theatre department, my major, is very pronounced and well-renowned. The Music, Dance, and Visual Arts areas are also very advanced and prestigious.


At Weber there are a lot of non-traditional students. Many of them, like myself, are older than 28. I feel this gives our school some advantages in that many of the non-traditional students have life skills to offer and a perspective that younger students do not have. Many are more focused and serious about their studies.


I've considered BYU, UofU, and Weber State. Between the 3, it's the cheapest which is a plus for me. Weber is also closest to me, paying tuition is enough for me, paying for an apartment would be too much. This school has a great student body, very well rounded with a wide variety of races. The teachers want students to succeed, it's a big enough school that teachers can concentrate on a small group rather than a large crowd, it feels more personal.


What is unique about my school, are the people that go there, the teachers that teach here, everything about it is unique just as I am unique and all of the students that go there


There isn't a comprehensive graduate school so tenured professors teach your introductory classes. I have only had two or three classes with over 100 students in them. All of my teachers knew my name by the end of the semester. Weber State is very cheap for the quality of education you receive.


It is a working student school. A lot of the students are non traditional...they have spouses and kids and work 40 hours per week in addition to attending school with full loads. I also attended the Univ. of Utah for 3 years and it was not student friendly at all. I am much happier at WSU.


the anatomy program gives us the ability to work with cadavers.


There is a real focus on real-world applications to the Science & Industry Trades


This school is near a lot more than other schools in Utah. What I mean by that is there is more to do here as well as more resteraunts and job opportunities compared to other schools in the state. The classes are relatively small andthere is a relationship with proffesors but there are still things to do in Oden. Its a meduim sized school with small class sizes.


The have a wonderful online program. The professors really go above and beyond to make sure you completely understand and are able to apply the knowledge they have provided.


The campus is clean and modern, and the individual programs are often the most respected in the state, or even the Western U.S. Degrees as diverse as Respiratory Therapy, Musical Theatre, and Nursing are all nationally respected programs.