Weber State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag the most is it is closely related to High School. I always tell them that it is easy all you have to do is study and learn from experience. There is nothing hard about college other than keep up with the pace with others who are not struggling. You get to meet new people everyday and talk about different meanings in what they're studying or what they like to do for fun. There is so much that I could say about college it is just fun to learn.


I usually brag about the beautiful snow like mountains and the very cold weather.


Small Classes, Good proffesors. Nice Enviroment for learning and recreation. Just an all around good place. People are really nice here.


How much they took care of me and how much bang for my buck I had. Other schools charge more for everything from cost of printing to parking to tuition. Weber was small and I felt I knew most of the people on campus at least casually. The professors were very approachable and made an effort to look out for the students. Utah and Weber puts a huge emphasis on service which fills up your resume and gives you good experience. I was 16 when I started college and I don't think I would have succeeded as much elsewhere.


How I was able to complete warly college because my high school is associated with it.


I tell them that there are so many things that you can do for fun here. Like bowling and playing pool. Plus this school has a realy tight knitt community, we all belong here and it's easy to make friends and meet new friends. Like my friends in My Automotive department I wouldn't have meet them if the school didn't have such amazing programs like the Automotive Department.


I tell my friends that I will have a great job before they will, due to my school having classes that I can take and finish sooner!


How flexable they are with my current shedule and circumstances


When I talk about Weber State University I brag about the small class sizes and one on one attention.


I love the smaller class sizes and the close relationship I am able to form with my professors and peers.


Top dental hygiene school in Utah. Competitive, well recognized program. Hard work and dedication to excell pay off because it is rewarding to be accepted into the program. Further more it is satisfying-they really stretch you to reach your full potential.


I am able to earn a degree off campus in an excellent profession through a program offered by the school by taking all didatic courses online and taking my clinical education through a local hospital in my home town.


They concerts, arts, and the way my teachers are so different.


The Musical Theatre program in which I was involved.


The mountains and the scenery and new buildings.


Small class sizes, teachers know your name, helpful faculty